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Western Regional Hill-Tribes and Bigotry

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

 I would add Jews to this pic apart of Jesus whom always being used as excuse by pea-brain bigots in Europe. the West or simply self-hater Caucasian wannabe Asians since I don't care about whatever political problem happens in any region. This world will eventually being exploded because of this kind of people anyway.

Just returned from masjid for morning prayer service. I called little sister to ask her whether she had taken her pre-dawn meal and asking about our parents. We actually receiving an Italian girl whose name is Sharon Ferarri just after two European students temporarily staying at our house for their learning period whom are sister Daphne Dewitte of Belgium and brother Marlin Keilhauer from Germany.

To be frank, I don't feel amused at all with Europe or Western World which generally refers to Caucasians. I learned about Europe and I believe many of us did learned about this particular region in history classes during our form four or form three secondary level schooling time. It begins with Portuguese conquest on Malacca Sultanate around 1511 in the southern part of Malayan Peninsula today. And after that we also could see other South East Asian sultanate and Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms such as in Burma and Indochina Cambodia fallen down to British and French imperial power. Later we learned about Greek and Rome civilization which appears in the southern tip of European continent. We also learned about Caucasians of Asia like Persian empire during Malaysian Higher Certificate Examination which is equal to A-Level in the UK and Commonwealth countries. 

Back to the story about Europeans in our house. I had encountered many offensive remarks with these European kids. Though they are just kids but it also reflects their society weltenschaung (worldview) when those words jumped out of their mouth. Just heard my sister told me that the Italian girl called our mum a white ghost. It refers to telekung or white hijab worn by South East Asian and some Syrian women when performing prayer services. Last time, I was also introduced by brother Marlin to Achmed the Dead Terrorist. It's funny for them, and I don't feel offended at all but it might be offensive to others. It reminds me to bigotry issues and what I had read. It is also related to Orientalism studies by translators of Muslim scripture like George Sale or other scholars of European continent. Studying something to fulfill their own egos and not with ruhul qudus (holy spirit).

I personally see these people as hill tribes whom never see the world enough though from my learning experience as a master student in European studies, I learned that their system is the best one. Complete with recognition toward humanity in both political economy relation with other barbaric countries for example, China. Some of our people adore Europe as much as others whom arrogantly proclaimed themselves as ex-Muslim to preach their bigot ideology to others. 

Some of these people without tired displaying their 'experience' with Muslims which they found as barbaric to preach hatred to others while those people do not represent the whole majority of Muslims. I can see that those 'barbaric' Muslims are no different to these people full of hatred and ignorance. They are the same hill tribes but just from different regions. We also have this problem in Malaysia which had worsen our race relation. Malays might say bad things to Chinese or Indians, and so on in the other side. It is something to do with politics. People scratching each other faces and politicians baby-talking on the podium enjoying the scene while getting those idols (money, property, and etc) piled into their accounts and pockets. 

For those bigots who preach hatred to others, they perhaps are paid for their ideology. Money based ideology itself is considered as idolatry as we buy our comfort through hatred. There is no sincerity in them. I had many times listened to government servants here repeating 13th May event when they are not satisfied with people of other ethnicity. I am sick of these. It is like this world is segregated and nobody is right except of ourselves. It is true that bigots exist in Muslim society but other society too have this kind of people. It would be a cracking-head job entertaining these people except the God guides them to what they suppose to understand.  

When I talk about my faith and our prophetic traditions, I do not get any payment for this. I never have any intention to convert others, seeking attentions, and feeling proud if people accept the same faith as it is a victory to dominate others. Those are illnesses which tortures our mind and soul. I would just pray to the God to guide everyone through His mercy when people talking bad about our teacher such as Muhammad s.a.w. It also includes Jesus and Moses a.h.m.s as these two figures are also our prophets. I was a Buddhist by faith and ideology although my family are traditionally Muslim. It is from the environment around me, my readings about Buddhism from various sources such as religious notes which I gradually sought since I was a young child. I remember the first thing that I read regarding Buddhism was Tharmmachakra which means the Wheel of Dharma. I was not forced by anyone to read it or learn about it. Later I learned mantras and kathas (longer mantras). I memorized them for personal summoning purpose.

Some of our ancestors and people are missionaries originated from Southern Arabia who preached faith to South East Asian natives whom now consider themselves as born Muslim nation. It might be weird for others to see me radically have different thinking and belief since our people are the descents of Ismaelite Arabs whom were like the Jews, possessing religion and stubbornly practicing traditions from prophetic ancestral heritage. I had the same experience and perception before I professed the Three Gems. My perception was, Muslims are evil as I see their behavior is not according to what is preached, they treated me badly. I talked rudely to my own elders because of this narrow perception without considering others' soul and feeling anymore. I thought that I shouldn't be one of them.

When I faced problems as I didn't do well in secondary school exams since I was a problematic child with anti-social problem and could not easily fit in into society, I performed tapas (meditation) a lot and torturing myself without any food or drinks. I just want to die, being disposed away as ashes. From that point, I suddenly began to slowly realize what is my responsibility. I began to read tafsirs (exegesis) and glorious Quran without having to wait for others to tell me what those verses are talking about after mum advised me. I do not listen to what people say anymore but I prefer to experience everything myself. That is what lord Buddha had taught me although I never meet him. Never speculate if we never experience anything ourselves. Though now I repent and returning to the path of ancestors, I still have a huge respect to lord Buddha for the philosophies that he taught. I joined Tabligh kids rather than listening to what people say about this movement whether they are positive or negative. So, I would at least have my perception not from what I listened of others' or simply judging people from a narrow, short term mingling experience watching from afar. 

The main point here is that, nobody is perfect. Not even Europe who proclaims herself as a good system or model for other organizations nor Western unipolar world which refers to the United States. I have a headache learning about European Union which consists of different European nations though I am not an European myself. I have my personal perception toward Europe and I still think it does not really amuse me. But I accept others' idea about this particular region too. Even if it has a little good attribution, I will still mention it. We take good examples and we leave bad ones. What about bigots especially those in academic lines? Those bigots out of academic lines are hill-tribes for me, no different to those Bamiyan bombers in Afghanistan, rural India-Pakistan or in rural Mid East. Bigotry is a disgrace for academic tradition and wisdom. We just mention good part about ourselves, but our bad part we would hide it. Then we expose others' bad side to emphasize that we are holier. That is a bad habit I guess... 

What I can say when we encounter this kind of people, since they do not believe in the God... Just pray to the God to show them what they should see for themselves and what they want... Talk to the hand, they are just attention whores lack of love. Tak dak faedah pun layan.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love...                     

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