Monday, 22 August 2011

Farewell Feast for European External Policy Class 2011

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

From left that is me, didn't get to comb well my hair after running out of German class, hehe. On my left is Ong, Siva, Has, Celia from Spain, Mr. Benny and the guy with maroon shirt is Emad, our Palestinian classmate that I mentioned, hahaha.

At last, I could retrieve this picture and gratitude to Ong's camera. It was last semester event where we had our meeting after our class in Pizza Hut Sungai Dua. Special thanks to our external policy lecturer for the first part which was Dr. Benny for joining us. Frankly say, all of us enjoyed your class and we learned many things which we didn't even know before. 

I could say that your class is among the best class that we had ever been and all of the classes in European Studies are beneficial for us though they were quite tormenting since I can't really understand some of the lessons in the beginning because I had zero knowledge about regional Europe and political studies. Didn't get to capture some memory with Mr. Zainal and Puan Salfarina. Both of their classes are quite fun too. Wish Dr. Zainal enjoy his new post in Putrajaya. Hope to see you someday by accident maybe in Putrajaya, haha.

Just checked my result and I guess my eyes becoming worse. I thought that I do not have to repeat the paper of European Politics and Decision Making, adusssss!!!! I also have another semester to join another class on European Economic Integration as I had postponed it last semester because the burden of those heavy subjects had made me having a nervous crack down. Now I regret that coz I could just return home and simply find proper job for myself if I finish everything by last semester. It's tiresome to stuck in a place but we take everything that happen as Allah test. Must be wisdom lies behind everything.

Many thanks to fellow classmates who never forget me and always helping each other in term of revision for final examination regardless we are of different gender, age, racial, nationality and religious background. I wish Celia could pursue her ambition to be a lecturer and wish Emad could be Palestinian leader. Don't forget to invite me to visit you in Gaza with red carpet when you become a leader ya, hehehee.

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin!

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