Friday, 5 August 2011

Every Soul Will Taste Death

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Alhamdulillah, we had safely finished our prayer services. More importantly I could pray together with congregation for Isya' because I had few times left behind due to that I live far from Islamic center. I hope to move inside since I wanted to join Islamic center activities and still thinking on how to deal with bureaucracy. Hope Allah helps me :'(

We also listened to the advice and preach given by the imam of Taraweekh prayer service. It is concerning death. The verse in surah Aal 'Imraan 185:  

Every soul will taste death. And indeed your merit will be completed in the Day of Resurrection. For those who are prevented from the Hell and they will be placed in the Paradise, they are fortunate. And this worldly life is nothing but merely a deceiving pleasure.

Everyone will face death. It is a fact. Muslim, non-Muslim, animals, affluents, paupers, and everyone will have to face this test. We do not know when and where we are going to die. We have to be ready and well-prepared to face the death. 

We will harvest and reap our charity and good deeds in the hereafter. It is during the Day of Resurrection when we will be judged by the God on what we had done in the world. 

This world is nothing but merely a deceiving pleasure. Indeed... I could see this since when I was a kid. Even when some people talking about this to us, they don't actually have inner feeling about this because they still are clinging to worldly pleasure. A brother from the so-called JT had just tyrannized me but I don't know what to say. I respect this movement and its founder. 

That's why I had provided shelter to him but it seems like some of them love to twist their words and using their movement name to deceive others. He said that he would be here for a while and I ask him no more as a matter of courtesy and politeness. Many people condemning Arabs as uncivilized race that makes a prophet being sent to these people but I guess after observing, we Arab descents are actually more polite and considerate about everything that happens around. 

I had also encountered problem with my current roommate because of this guy. Maybe I am a naive person and that makes me always a loner because I really need to be careful with my surrounding. 

Sometimes, I'm losing my faith toward Islamic brotherhood (not in Allah because I always believe in Him as my Protector and trustworthy Friend who never betrays me) because so many people who seems like following the teaching are inconsiderate, not compassionate and never think about other soul. I know it is not the teaching to be blamed but I guess their spirituality perhaps do not reach the level like what they externally displayed. 

Next time I would have to be really discreet, never easily entertain people around who come by to talk and I don't care if people wanted to condemn me for not strengthening the ukhuwah (brotherhood) because I am not friendly. We should not judge the book by its cover due to that sometimes people that we look as evil or bad are actually the most generous, polite, considerate and kindhearted person compared to ourselves.

I'm sorry for the rant and royanan (depression) after the preach sharing. I just don't know to whom should I talk about this except to the God. Just consider this as a complaint of a lowly servant to his beloved Master. Maybe this is a test from Allah to me in this blessed month and I have to bear with it. May He grants me strength to overcome this and I could finish my thesis writing according to time. Wish everyone happiness and peace. 

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin!

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