Friday, 5 August 2011

First Friday in Ramadan 2011

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

 Pic source from rohzikir.wordpress. Faith and fear against polytheism and ungratefulness in the whole angles.

I had overslept after Fajr prayer. It is not a good habit but I think it is the effect of toxic in our mass or perhaps the lack of sugar level when we begin to fast again after a long time resting from fast, hehe. 

I shouldn't listen to one of my acquaintance who prevents me from fasting in alternate days last time. It was actually our habit to fast according to sunnah tradition and usually I would try to avoid from being detected by people with prescribed manners.

I woke up just before 13:00 and managed to clean up for the congregational prayer. I had a short dream and felt like someone singing a qaseedah praising Muhammad s.a.w at my ears that made me realize this is Friday and spontaneously woke up, lol. Maybe it is from my past experience listening to those stuffs and it replays again in my ears, haha.

So, I just walked to the mosque like always. Not really hot today although I began to sweat while approaching the mosque. It's calorie burning, haha. The sermon today is still about fasting month which is Ramadan. It talks about fear or taqwa to the God and obedience in performing the fast.  

Let us just share among us the verses from Quran regarding fear...

O, those who believe it was written for you the fast as what had been written on those who came before you may you have fear to (the God) (al-Baqarah 183)

O, human-being indeed We created you as male and female and making you of different ethnicity and tribes for you to know each other. Indeed We honor you according to your level of fear to the God. Indeed the God is the Most Highest the Most Discreet (al-Hujurat 13)

And then regarding charity...

Indeed those believers who are faithful to the God and His messenger, then they have no doubt and they put efforts with their properties and their selves on the Path of the God. They are all the people whom adhere to Truth (al-Hujurat 15)

Before the week to come for Ramadan to begin I had also heard Friday sermon in our mosque, about two days after I came back from individual Bangkok trip. The preacher had suggested for us to do things like these in Ramadan:

1. Reciting Quran with manner and trying to deeply think or ponder on the message of the God for us to obey.
2. Being generous in Ramadan although it is also good to be generous all over the year. In the same time avoiding showing off and wasting.
3. Learning Arabic to understand the message of glorious Quran and strengthening brotherhood bond through the language.
4. Increasing our knowledge about the pillars of fasting, the manner to fast and related to it.
5. Qiyaamullail or night vigil whether individually at home or in the mosque with congregation in service. In our mosque we just perform about 11 units of Taraweekh prayer including Witr. If we wish to do it until 20th units, we could individually perform it at our room or home.  

Wish that it is a beneficial sharing for everyone especially myself. May we recite salawat always for prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his family and his companions. May Allah bless our faithful ancestors and parents. Sealed with prayers for peace, love, and mercy, amin!

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