Tuesday, 5 July 2011

X-Men First Class

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Peace be upon everyone! Just returned from theater cause I watched the X-Men First Class with lil sister. It's always nice to watch the movie early in the morning. No long ques, no sweat, no exhaustive waiting while looking at people's upset face because waiting for long only for a movie which could be seen in TV or DVD after the screening. 

Well, if it's about X-Men then it's about mutants from the Marvel comics. A main character in the movie is portrayed as a poor mutant Jew boy from Dusseldorf who was tortured by a Nazi doctor whose name is Schmidt something in order to get the boy to show off his power. The Jew boy later grown up as Erik (Michael Fassbender) who takes the name Magneto. Another main character is Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) from Britain, a mutant genetic professor candidate in Oxford and he is also a mutant, with telepathic ability. Charles Xavier became Professor X. 

The movie revolves around a mutant Nazi medical staff who survives the Second World War because he is different from normal human-kind. He is known as Dr. Schmidt Klaus and he wanted to gain power to rule over the world by making the US and the USSR both fighting among each other and releasing their nuke. So, he would get to absorb the power released by the nuclear bombs and being the ruler of the world. I am not a conspiracy theory fan so I don't really think that every symbols in the movie could be interpreted although I can do that because a character in the movie is a Jew. 

I don't believe in any Jewry superiority over other human-being nor eating up those made up craps by paranoid racist Caucasians that these people are powerful than the God. I keep with me Old Testaments and New Testaments that I bought myself when I was a form 6 student. I have acquaintances in both Israel and Palestine territory and at certain stage I talk with them through messengers or live if they are Palestinian friends. Jews are just human being descended from the sons of Adam. They are erroneous just like other human no matter what race we are. The setting took place in 1962 during Cuban Missile Crisis, the origin of the mutant groups, and the relationship between both Magneto and Professor X.       

I remember where I had talked about Nazism and Jews with my German teacher and friend whose name is Frau Myer because after Friday prayer I had a meeting with her regarding my problem with German which is a barbaric tongue for me, hahaha. I am not going to continue my German class next semester although I must finish it up to the second level to fulfill my certification requirement. It's a torture to my tongue and throat, lol. Just kidding, I had missed her classes many times due to some problems regarding my research and I couldn't show up my face to her anymore because I feel embarrassed of myself. 

I am sorry if my thought is slightly different from other fellow Muslims regarding the people of the books. I talked about Nazism, Hitler, Jews in Europe and Frau Myer frowned her face. She then said: "Why people always and must be talking about this evil thing that happened in the past? Hitler wasn't a German to begin with. He is an Austrian and yes, he speaks in German just like us in Germany but with southern dialect. He was just unhappy with his unfortunate life where the Jews are bunch of business people while Caucasians were lazy. When he went to apply for job, for sure those Jews do not tolerate him as they had stigmas on these people." This is somehow like what happens in our country and everywhere no?

What is the difference on this situation of the Jews in Continental Europe with South Asian Muslims in British Isle? British are also generalized by people like Malaysian ourselves as lazy people where jobless youths receive incentives from their welfare tax system. Immigrants from other part of the world went there in Britain and settling there later have to pay high tax to help those jobless British youngsters. I had read crime news about some Muslim Bangladeshis beaten up a religious education teacher in southern London. If we do not agree with someone, do we have to show violence? Unless if the situation is threatening us, then it would be fine to defend ourselves. Britain has so many private religious schools and even Muslim associations. Why do we have to be so jumud (narrow)?

She further said" "Whatever happened in the past does not reflect our agreement with those people. We are not them although we are Germans. When some Malay kids here looking at me and they know that I am a German, they would show the Nazi sign to me. I would say that I hate that sign and consider it as an insult to me." She is not a Jew but a native German, a Caucasian. And she is married to a Muslim from Penang. She is a Muslim and a muallaf could we say so although she had been a Muslim for more than 16 years? I talked to her about what I had listened in our Friday congregational prayer regarding Valentine day and I just can't understand why do these people have to talk like Jews or Israelites or Christians no matter where they are or what they are like they are some beasts or fallen angels? These people are just normal human and not angels. They are not special as all of the human-being are the same without any special power like what had been proposed in conspiracy theory or in American fantasy movies. A theory is just a framework and it could be wrong or right according to situation and period of time. It is not necessarily a dogma or a faith. This is what we learned in epistemology. If we want everyone to step into His salvation, enmity is not the way but amity and understanding is needed.

I read Israelite prophet stories like Goliath and Talut. I read about prophet of the children of Israel like David peace be upon him who defeated Goliath after Talut had forgotten his responsibility toward the path because of jealousy. This is not from Israeliyat source but from our Quranic tradition itself, surah al-Baqarah verse 246-252. We also know about Israeliyat sources by Ka'ab bin Munabbeh and other exegesis.

I don't think anything negative about these non-Muslims because I was once a disbeliever too who hate Muslims including myself though being born in a Muslim family. Faith is not an inheritance, it is through His guidance, revelation and His Will that we receive the faith. I only believe in whatever is right and wrong. Whatever is commanded by the Lord on every creatures. I don't believe in a paranoid conspiracy and it is a waste of time. When I look at the Jews or Christians, I am actually looking at them as a mirror to myself. 

Whatever wrong that those nations in the past had came through could also happen to us. We aren't special and so do they. When we claim that we are special nations, then we are no different to our accusations to those Jews. The God reminds us about that in glorious Quran, but not for us to hate them like they are some kind of satans or beasts. I just can't understand when the Lord says that Muhammad s.a.w is the sign of His Mercy in the Universe but many of us had turn it up to be the sign of His hatred toward other nations. 

We came out with the pride of Arabs, the Levantines, the Canaa'nites and whatever ideology founded on the basis of evil over the other who we would say thinking that they could tie "the hand" of the God. I had also experienced racist treatment from northern Arab brothers who think that they are Caucasians while I was in pilgrimage just like what had happened to Imam Hu Songshan although I don't look Chinese. Might be looking a little bit Mongol or Central Asian, haha. I could just generalize others and reforming my mind with worldly political ideology, but I am not that kind of person. 

Furthermore, the sin is on individual and it's not inherited or could be hanged on other person. Everyone is responsible for his sin and it is narrow. Whatever happens around us, is because of our own faults. We may choose to avoid minor destruction although the greater one is unavoidable because it is His Will. To avoid minor destruction is through our heart being purified from evil. Not only on our physical appearance. We have so many negativity about this world, I am not excluded from that. I hate this world too, and each time I would pray to God to take me home or please quickly destruct this Universe.

This movie somehow reflects myself. Some of the mutant like the Raven girl who can shift her appearance to other appearances trying to fit in into society because she is embarrassed of her look. I think that I am just like her. This happened due to long psychological process when mingling with people around and that makes us negative toward our selves. And how past experience also forming one self to be the self of this present like what happened to Erik.

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy and love for brothers and sisters in faith, amin!

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  1. options come from ideas, and ideas come from learning. The easiest way to learn is by reading a lot.

    Stereotyping is due mostly of narrowness of one limited options thus lacking choices of views/perspectives of an issue. Reading less prob. is the reason of stereotyping happend.

    imho ^^


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