Tuesday, 5 July 2011

100 Words Praise to Honor Sage Muhammad s.a.w

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

While doing some boring reading on my research topic, I managed to clicking here and there in the search engine on Muslim news since my research is about Muslim in British Isle but I stumbled at a website which is called the Muslim Observer and founded this 100 words praise honoring sage Muhammad s.a.w. It is claimed by someone from Taiwan as issued by the emperor Hongwu of the Ming dynasty around 13th C. 
Since the creation of the universe,
Heaven has already appointed.

As a great saint preaching the faith,
in the West he was born.

To receive the holy scripture,
with thirty part book,
as a guidance for all creatures,

King of kings,
leader of holy ones,

Through divine support,
protecting his nation,
with five times daily prayers,
silently hope for peace.

With heart toward Allah,
empowering the poor ones.

Save them from calamity,
sees through the unseen.

Pulling souls and spirits,
away from wrongdoings.

Mercy to the world,
walking the ancient crowned Path.

May evil being vanquished by the One,
pure and true teaching.

Muhammad, the noble precious one.

The picture in the site shows that the poem was erected around 2004 in a mosque in northern China. I don't really care on what is the religious status of this emperor because it's just a name or whether he is the one who produced this poem. Many believe that emperor Hongwu is a Buddhist or a Taoist. 

However, Hongwu was just a peasant who became an emperor and modern China has no feudal system, hahaa. Many people never declare what is their religion. The name of the religion is not important in the statement in documents compared to our faith, practices, sincerity, and devotion toward Him.

This poem seems quite nice for a person who is not creative like me. It also has philosophical values. There was also a Sultanate in Southern China called as Pingnan Guo which was located in Western Yunnan established in Qing dynasty by Yang Xiu or Sulaiman bin Abdul Rahman. It was there for about 16 years before the sultan was beheaded by central power in Beijing.  

Anyway, this poem is some excerpts from our exploration of China's empire history. It was a land full with mysticism and attracting the attention of Europeans to explore it since previous centuries. Of course ancient China is different from nowadays China. World is evolving and it will evolve until the Resurrection.  

Salawat on the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions and his family. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love on brothers and sisters in faith, amin!!! 

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