Monday, 4 July 2011

Performing Cleaning Before Worship I

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I'm lazy to type in long winding post about this practice of sunnah. I always perform before prayer services such as before fajar, dzuhr, 'asr and maghrib prayer services. We only talk about what we are practicing. After I come back from markets, shops, shopping complexes or other impure places, I will also perform this practice because those places are impure.  

Make sure to prepare half an hour before prayer services. I was always late for congregational services in mosque at the campus because of these rituals and I have to walk to the mosque because no car nor bicycle nor motorcycle. Only bus number eleven (legs) to carry my ass. 

The hostel is outside of the campus and if someone are merciful to me like I was in the bachelor time I guess that person must be a person with compassionate heart. I still remember the Bangladeshi tutor who always helped me to reach the mosque with his car, may Allah bless him always. Sometimes some Arab brothers also helped me especially during fajar prayer services because I love ustad Zaydi voice for morning service recitation and i must catch the service : )

Some people call it as ghusl which means shower or bathing, some call it as major ablution, and some call it as ma'amad (dipping) according to whatever you are accustomed with in terminologies. 

This is also the practices of previous prophets such as prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) and Isa (Jesus), peace be upon both of them. It is also the teaching that we get from our patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him. We also learned this while in our lower secondary school.

This video is according to Syafi'ie angle of sunnah manner because these habeeb is from Syafi'ie school of jurisprudence. Malaysian compatriots don't have to worry. I understand about Malaysian unity policy in religious and ritual. I was born in a Syafi'ie family myself and familiar with it too before I changed entirely to Hanbali. It also has supplications for that. Not really different anyway to what I am practicing anyway.

Hopefully it is beneficial in reviving the sunnah among brothers and sisters in faith no matter reverts or the born-Muslim ones. This is for our practices or 'amal and very basic of rituals. It is also a tribute for beloved brothers and sisters. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brothers and sisters in faith, amin!

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