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Salat: Concentration in Prayers III


Salaat counts no percentage, but the God gives merits to His servants and slaves who are faithful and performing charity, it means the believers. Honorable Imam Syafi'ie says, iman is not in the feel or in the dream but it is in the heart and performed with body parts. It means that we must perform whatever is obliged on us by the God.

The analogy of five times daily prayers is like water rushing swiftly and kicking the door of our houses five times a day. If we shower five times a day in a river where the water flows heavily, thus our sins would be purified without any filth. Prayers cleaning our daily sins. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says that a prayer to another prayer redeem the sins of a slave while there is no greater sins committed. Another hadiths mentions about other matters which eliminate little sins performed together with daily prayers. Please check them out because they are related to fasting, Friday, and others. Little sins will be redeemed through daily prayers and remembrance to the God while greater sins must be redeemed with repentance and submission to Him.

For example, we perform maghrib prayer, when we perform the prayer, our sins in between asr prayer to maghrib will be forgiven by the God. He will forgive us our past sins. If we are stuck with others, then we have to apologize to the particular person because that is counted as greater sin. If we perform ablution, the body parts where we wash during the ritual will be forgiven for sins committed by them. Here is a tip, perform ma'amad or angkat hadas besar or celupan together with ablution. All of your body will ritually be cleaned up.  

Abu Bakar may Allah be pleased with him says, "go to the fire where you had light it up and quickly quench it out." Fire means sins and the quencher is the prayer or salaat. If we perform daily prayers, the sins before each prayer will be forgiven. That is if the prayer is accepted by the God. If it is not accepted due to lack of concentration or careless in prayer, then there is no forgiveness but only sins. As to say, it is important to be focus in prayers and facing Him for charity.

Says Allah in surah Hud verse 114: "perform prayers at the two edges of the day and some times of the night, indeed charity vanquishes evil, and that is the reminder..." Prayers at the two edges of the day means fajar and asar prayers. Some times at night means maghrib and isya' prayers. Fajar and 'asar prayer times are crucial because the angels who take charge on the time will change their shift. They will report everything to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. If they witness a servant of the God is performing prayer at time they are leaving, they will say to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla that: "Your servant is praying and we are departing from them." The record will be kept as the witness in the Day of Judgement. The Lord knows everything but He only asks the angels as the witness because He is all Just.

This verse is descended on a case where a guy was kissing with a woman, but it does not reach the act of adultery. Then the guy feels guilty since there are some remnants of faith in his heart and he went to see the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w to get his punishment. This kind of act is actually prohibited by the God although it does not reach adultery as what has been mentioned in the scripture, "do not be close to adultery!" I can't remember which surah, please Allah forgive me my weakness. 

The noble prophet only kept his silence and waiting for maghrib prayer to be performed and the guy is invited to be in the congregation. Then, the revelation which is now included in surah Hud came down on the prophet Muhammad s.a.w heart and it says that the sin of the guy is forgiven by the God. The noble prophet said that the maghrib prayer is cleaning the sins which passed.

Prayers must be sincerely performed with concentration and tranquility. Our daily sins are also cleaned by our charity such as tributes and donations. Begin our day with good words and prayers, and keep it for the day long until we sleep because they are also apart of charity and tributes to the God. Good words are such as recitation of scripture which is Quran, dzikr or remembrance glorifying Him, seeking knowledge, and supplications. All of these banishing little sins and those charity would just clean the filth up without any postponement. 

Greater sins need repentance to be forgiven. We must repent our greater sins if we are not the chosen ones. Of course those chosen ones are His noble prophets and messengers. Even prophet Muhammad s.a.w who is free from the past, the present, and future sins also repents 100 times a day. We also have to be careful with little sins which we intentionally commit. 

In fact, there is no limitation punishment or hudud law on the guy who had kissed the woman who has no marriage relationship, cuddling, or palpating at the time he met the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. There is no 100 times of whipping for such acts like what is prescribed on the adulterer who is not married or stoning to death for those who are married (male and female both, not only female!). 

The guy feels so afraid of the little sins committed although there is no limitation punishment on such acts such as kissing or touching the woman of no marriage relation. The Hadith Qudsi mentions that Allah 'Azza wa Jalla says: "dear sons of Adam, whoever committed sins and he realizes that it is a sin but still committing it, I shall cast him into the hell!!! He will scream an unimaginable scream!" Committing sins although without any worldly punishment, will still get the charge in the hell. The God and His messengers knows more about this.

Finished on our part of tama'ninah and tranquility in prayers. Hopefully ladies and gentlemen including myself who jotting down this note could concentrate more in prayers. Check out the surah al-Mu'minun. Pillars of religion begins with the testimonies and it is related to prayers because testimonies are the speech in prayers posture. 

There are 10 kinds of people whose prayers are rejected are the people who orally recites nothing while praying alone, a person who prays but pays not zakat, and many others please check them all. 

Whoever does not performing whatever prescribed in surah al-Mu'minun will risk themselves to be the enemy of the God! Those who perform and obeys everything prescribed with devotion to Him will inherit His kingdom the Firdawsi and will never taste death in it forever and ever :') That is the greatest and eternal success. - notes of 31st March 2009

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love for brothers and sisters in faith, amin!!!!!

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