Saturday, 4 June 2011

Internship in KL

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Tomorrow am gonna sign few papers for internship and fieldwork at the Institute of Diplomatic and Foreign Relation (IDFR) and they would also appoint me for a supervisor. It's not really a must for this course but I learned from my previous experience during my first degree where I didn't take the fieldwork and I have no connection with the people in my previous field. 

I had also heard stories told by my friend, Azren and other girls whom were my classmates doing their intern in the National Translation Institute (ITNM) that we would just dream off to live easily in the field as we are no better compared to those in the organization with other knowledge and skills. Azren is also a senior of mine in this postgraduate studies I'm currently taking. 

Now I regret for sending my resume to the IDFR and they had replied me accepting my application to learn from their organization. Because I had also made an appointment at 8th of June at 15.00 with my research supervisor. I have to return to Penang. Didn't get to book flight ticket yet and got no gold in my account. I had made promise with Dr. Noraida and I don't like to break it. It would also affect my research and I can't stand any longer stranded in USM no more. I think I may also need to learn about computer and programming for my future, if He permits it because I can't live like a cave man or in the middle ages anymore. 

I pray to Lord as to make everything easy for me tomorrow and this week. Make everything runs smoothly without obstacles and give me confidence to be in the public. I had been in isolation for long and it somehow took away my confidence to have contact with publics. Maybe I should also take 'Emad the Palestinian, my classmate as an inspiration in term of confidence although he actually knows nothing too, lol. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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