Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ma'thurat I

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I had memorized this ma'athurat prayers after I was threatened by two thieves at my upper six class just after I came back from hajj pilgrimage. Before that I did not know anything about ma'athurat

Before we begin, what is ma'athurat dear brethren? It is a formula to remember Lord God, Glory and Holiness only belong to Him. They are recommended through sunnah tradition and some of them actually come from the scripture which is the Noble Quran. No need for ta'awudz (talisman), they are useless and not powerful like God who operates this Universe and Worlds. Our fate had already been pre-determined by Him in His guarded tablets.

Ma'athurat is not only about dzikr (remembrance of God and meditation) but also could be combined with supplications or du'a. All of our daily activity are actually assumed as ibaadat (act of worship) as long as it is righteous and joined with dzikrullah. 

Obligatory acts of worship is a form of dzikr. Dzikr has many benefits that includes protection from evil and munkar (vices). It is a form of rememberance that could lead us to calmness, tranquility and success. 

Dzikr could be performed in any time and condition. By heart or oral. Even when you are sitting or standing anywhere. Waiting for something or someone. Humans are enjoined to remember Allah a lot. Neglecting dzikr is severely condemened as it is a cause for reward and meritorious deed. Dzikr accompanies ibadaat (worship) and muamalah (interaction). Supplication is also a kind of dzikr.I have this advise first for myself, make this a habit. Then this advise is also intended to beloved brethren.

Ma'athurat Dzikrs...

We chant this aloud in Arabic with the meanings in our own language in heart. Chant them in morning and evening.

Al-Fatihah the mother of the Scripture
Ayatul Kursi from al-Baqarah 255

Al-Ikhlas 3 x
Al-Falaq 3 x
An-Naas 3 x

Chanting there is no gods but the God, He is alone, there is no associate to Him, and the Kingdom is only possessed by Him, and praises to Him, and everything belongs to Him 100 x

Glory be to God and with praises to Him, multiple creations created by Him, and whatever pleasing to Him, and decoration of His Throne, and His words are infinite 3 x

Glory be to God, and with praises to Him 100 x 

Prayers for the blessings on prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions and his family as God had blessed prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family 10 x

God You are my Lord, there is no other gods except You, who created me, and I am Your slave and servant, and I am with Your Convenant and Your promises, whatever that I am able to follow I would follow, I seek Your protection from the evil of my acts, that You had acknowledged to me as sins, so may God forgives me and there is no one who forgive sins except You my Lord! 

I seek forgiveness from You and I repent from my sins intentionally or unintentionally 100 x

These dzikrs stated above are chanted the same every morning and evening before or after fajr (sunrise) prayer and maghrib (sunset) prayer in our lifetime. 

There are few Ma'thurat supplications according to morning and evening time following those stated dzikrs. I hope they are beneficial for English speaking Muslims. 

You may chant them in English or any language that you speak but once you memorized the Arabic sounds you may chant them with Arabic, you may ask the ma'thurat prayers in Arabic text from the mosque management close to your neighborhood or Islamic centers. God never burden you, He only prescribes anything according to our ability, He also understands and listens what you are chanting. He creates languages and wisdoms belongs to Him indeed.  

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