Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ma'thurat II

With the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

Ma'athurat Supplications...

In morning, chant this supplication
O our God, we begin our morning and the evening that will come, with You our life is, and with You is our death, and we are going to be assembled together to see You! 

In evening, chant this supplication dear brethren
O our God, we begin our evening and the morning that will come, with You is our life, and with You is our death, and we are going to return to You o Lord!

This supplication is the same for morning and evening
O Lord the One who arranged the heavens and earth, who Knows the hidden and the obvious He testifies, there is no One like You, glory only be to You, indeed I had been cruel to myself (before this morning or evening)!
O Lord my God, I seek Your protection from the wickedness of my self and from the wickedness of Satan and his companies and the differences (of the environemnet) that would change my self into wickedness or its influence on me that made me cease from being a Muslim.
O God, indeed I ask You for every goodness in the world and the hereafter. 
O God, indeed I ask You for my deen (law of life). And (please help me manage) my worldly matter and goodness for my family member and my property (to be protected only by You).
O God, please protect me my 'awrat (anything which is hidden that could bring shame to us) and the trust of protecting my 'awrat is (on You my Lord). 
O God, please protect me from between my hands. Please protect me from my back, protect me from my right, from my left, please protect me from my front side and from above me and from beneath me (prayer for protection of the evil that comes from every direction) and I seek Your protection from being harmed by my self.    

Chant this in the morning
We are in this morning, and the morning in this Kingdom for You, and praise be to God, and You are all Powerful over anything!
We begin this morning with the nature of the submission to You, we begin this morning with sincere words, and on the path of our Patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham), our father, the path which is straight, I am a muslim, and I am not amongst the polytheists!

Chant this to begin our evening
We are in this evening, and the evening in this Kingdom for You, and praise be to God, and You are all Powerful over everything!
We begin this evening with the nature of the submission to You, we begin this evening with sincere words, and on the path of our Patriarch Ibrahim, our father, the path which is straight, I am a Muslim, and I am not amongst the polytheists!

In the evening, chant this supplication after the above evening supplication
O Lord our God, I sincerely beg You to grant me whatever is good from this night to come, and I seek protection from whatever is evil from this night to come!

Then chant this prayer before closing
I seek Your protection of Your perfect words from whatever evil of Your creations!
I am pleased with You as solely my Lord, and Islam as our deen (law of life), and with Muhammad (saw) as our prophet 3 x  
It is enough that You as my Lord, there is no one except Him, and I depend only on Him, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne!!! 7 x

Why do we study this lesson brethren?

1. We just want to memorize and understand the ma'athurat. Everyone actually doing this after prayers or before prayers around the world. 

2. Ma'athurat is an ibaadat (act of worship) that would bring us into attachment to Allah.

3. Ma'athurat is an invocation according to sunnah tradition and having the root source from scripture, no need other invocations which came from invocations without any clear roots. No need for talisman. God will protect those who never cease to remember Him!

Some of these invocations to Allah are also recorded in Imam Nawawi (may Allah be merciful to him) kitaab. I can't remember the books' title because I had just memorized them for my personal invocations whenever I am alone. But as to say, I could not only let my self stepping into salvation, I must also help other brethren.  Everyone deserves the right into salvation in this world or hereafter.

So, I am sharing this hope God won't be angry with me and does not assume me a stingy. I don't care if you could find this in other sites, but I am just performing my responsibility as a fellow Muslim in this site. Whatever good must go to my brethren, let alone bad things being destroyed by Lord of the Universe! 

How to memorise ma'athurat? You may find various kind of ma'athurat but the root is still the same from Quran and authentic Sunnah tradition. Some of the kitaab may come with references at the footnotes. Usually I love to give any brother or sister this ma'athurat for their own good and also as a present. I would encourage other brothers and sisters do the same. Circulate the Quran and Sunnah to each other for practises. 

How to memorize?

1. You may memorize them with your friends, choose a friend you are familiar with, I mean your close friend that you are not feeling shy with. As for me I memorized it from the text alone because last time I had lost all of my friends and many of my previous friends are not even mosque goers. I did it alone and referring to sounds and listening to imaam in the mosques that I visited.

2. Read these ma'athurat dzikr and du'as in Arabic to each other and correct each other in a polite manner.

3. Make sure you understand the meanings, I had provided the meanings. You may find the text from kitaab or leaflets from Islamic center or mosques. In case of explanation, refer to footnotes about the sources. Make sure they are only from authentic hadiths.

4. Repeat the reading for ten times each of the chantings.It's like you memorize the first chanting 10 times, then go to another chanting 10 times. Then repeat both of them 10 times.

5. Write them out in a clean paper non-stop until you can memorize, I did all of these in mosque. Never at home. Why?  Because we can't concentrate at home and many distractions. At the mosque we could also ask help from merciful brothers to help us if we have problem with the readings and writing. Write them one by one in Arabic script on the clean paper until you could imagine the words and chantings in your mind box.

6. Once you memorized the chantings, immediately practise them before or after Fajr and Maghrib prayers so that you won't forget it anymore. Burn the papers and dispose it according to what had been prescribed by ulamas in order to respect His names and words. Make this a habit to chant the ma'athurat. Even if you forget to chant it in the Fajr and Maghrib chant it when you remember about it. 

I do not actually know how to instruct people because I just know about how to practise. I memorized them and implement them in life because I feel it is hard to teach people through words.  Whatever verbal I may show but prayers, I might also need to throw out my voice which I find so hard especially when people never ask me anything. I would assume they already know. But for me, I just know about this about 6 years ago through His guidance.

This site is a way to put whatever I had came accross in the form of words for sharing especially to those who are Muslims but could not reach our community. I know how you feel. Well now it is written, we may say it aloud with our voice. And then we chant it and practise it without any postponement. 

It is now the period almost Resurrection, no time for long winding flowery speech but into practises. I hope everyone including my self could receive salvation in this period that we are going through. 

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