Saturday, 14 May 2011

It wasn't 40 Days but turns out to be 3 days: Part I

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I had been there in Sri Petaling center only for three days. We departed from Sungai Nibong bus station at 24:30 with an express bus. We arrived at the Pudu station about an hour before Fajr prayer. Then we took taxi and paying about rm25 for the charter made.  

I had listened to the bayans (lectures) and taklims (readings of the Tablighi books) once we arrived in the center. I had also get many valuable lessons. The first bayan that I heard was delivered by a Pakistani jama'at. It is about Qudratullah and Sunnatullah.  I had always have this respect to this figure Maulana Ilyas Kandhlavi. And it is still the same, it would never change forever although I had seen what had happened. I'm just thinking that the movement established by this figure had gone a little bit different on its way. 

There was also an incident where three of the zealous head cadres in our hostel had get the interview and job offer from a multinational company but earlier they had made this intention to go for India to the Nizamuddin center. One of this kid may Allah always be with him, whose name is Firdaus who had called me for the first time to join the tray eating and tasykil (reforming) session in the mosque early this semester was also eager to convert me into a jama'at member. I believe they wanted me to be a member to penetrate East Asian students due to that I am a Chinese speaking person.

I made my intention but just to make these kids happy even though I am not an easily influenced person. I only wanted to make friends and establishing brotherhood but in the same time I do not want to see my brothers and sisters feeling sad or shy about themselves because of their affiliations. I know how is the feeling being a "gypsy," so I do not want people to feel the same like me. 

I was not so serious in the beginning because I know that these kids have bright future since I heard about their achievements.  But later I felt the tariqah (path) that they have also crossing my path. They had won my heart with their friendly gesture although I had always trying to avoid mixing with crowds due to several reasons. 

This is not something which was planned but decreed by Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. When they made musyawarah (meeting) in the university mosque after friday prayer. I was also invited to sit with them because I had agreed to go out for 40 days although the Amir Sahab (leader of musyawarah) did not really showing interest on me, maybe because I look like a hobbit or seems like a know-nothing guy. I just do not want to appear with something which could drag attention to me. I don't really mind and do not care but I could see his color by that face expression.  I am not a judgmental person but just doing observations.  It may be right, may be wrong.

I saw that Firdaus who gets the job offer from Schlumberger seems like he wanted to cry because he was like in the middle. I have no time to talk to this kid because I had already agreed with Husaimi. Another karkont who is also eager to 'convert' me into a jama'at member.

to be continued, insyaa'Allah...

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