Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Importance of Tajweed


Last two nights I had followed my mother to her Quran classes at the mosque in our vicinity. Very interesting although before I had giving her reasons not to follow her. The fact is that I am shy to enter to the classes although the teachers there are quite friendly and helpful. The first class that I had joined in this only one week holiday is Tarannum class but I did not try reciting the verses in melodious way because I am not accustomed to it.

The second night I went again to the mosque for Tajweed class. We recited surah aal-'Emran verses 1-22. Ouch, I could detect my mistakes in recitations too not only the Ustaz especially the part of Waagebul Ghunna (Obligatory Nasalization). This is so terrible, I might be making many mistakes in recitations without realizing it and accumulating sins. 

I still remember, when I was a lil kid and forced to study in religious evening schools I did not realize how important Tajweed is. I always fail the tests and couldn't barely remember the names of the rules for recitation. Now I am trying to memorize Quran after my repentance in Holy Mecca, I realized that I need Tajweed. God Will, I will learn from the scratch again.    

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