Wednesday, 3 November 2010

O Friend!

A very beautiful nasheed with good lyrics. I love this nasheed besides the voice is nice. Although my Arabic becomes worse and worse day by day and being a friend to a Palestinian classmate does not  really helping me in polishing my rusty Arabic because he is quite a boast. He thinks that speaking in English makes people understand him better, but I still can't understand his Palestinian Arabic accented English. 

Most Arabs from Mid East speak terrible English with horrible pronunciation. I'm sorry for this, but this is the fact although my Palestinian colleague always condemning Chinese or Malay accent of some Malaysian students who speak in English.  

Allah! I miss my teacher Ustaz Mustaffa from Cambodia during my jobless time where almost every night I went to the mosque seeking refuge and peace from uncertain future after bachelor graduation. He's a good Arabic teacher and I respect his vast and firm knowledge in Nahw Sarf (Arabic grammar). I miss Ustaz Ahmad Wan from UITM too. His method  of teaching is quite good for beginner although I had already have the basic knowledge of Arabic. 

I still think that it is good to figure out the easiest approach to teach beginners Arabic because I hate English. I only want to hear Arabic like when I made my pilgrimage to Mecca. Thanks to both of them, I will pray for bountiful of blessings for them and their family : )

I can't find the lyrics although I had tried asking mr. Google with Arabic keyboard. Might be a new released nasheed.  The singer of tis nasheed is Muhammad Khaled and he's from Yemen. I hope someday I could speak in Yemeni (Teheimani) Arabic, our ancestral language : )

Anyway, my understanding is that, the first part of this lovely nasheed talks about a friend who reminds his friend to testify that indeed God is only One, His blessings is everywhere and testify the descent of Hashem clan, Ahmad who called to the guidance of God. 

And the second part, he reminds his friend to perform the prayers. Make out some of the belongings for property purification may you be accepted by God, fast! As it is better for everyone, and perform pilgrimage to the House of God.

Purify the soul, speak with noble speeches. And be known to you, read the book of God. Raise up! Help those who are tyrannized, clear up the effects of damages, be firm to the promise, may God be please with you. Be good to your neighbors, respecting your guests, be sincere to, and forgiveness to those who asking for God forgiveness. Guide classes and law to the householders be cautious to the danger caused by eyes. Be angry with the order of God.

No emerging debt, no deserted those who are loved. Thus we recited what had been written, in the revelation from the side of God. Continous mercy, and no insulted days! Be a friend that salvate, may you be pleased with hasty aid from God.    

The end part I can't really substitute the words into other languages but I am so astonished with them. I heard like it said about the priority on sanctifying God's name, do not leave the obedience duties, and the longing soul. Later it says, the balance is the reward of seeing Lord God glorious appearance in the hereafter.

Isn't it good to have friends that reminds us to be on the straight path and  helping us in remaining in the law of God? I love to see those tabligh guys getting together in the musalla at my current hostel and they remind each other with words from scriptures and sunna. I hope they will always remain like that elal-abaad. May Allah bless everyone, forgiving our sins. Bountiful of blessings to our beloved and dear prophet, may God bless him his family, companions, disciples, and followers.

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