Tuesday, 16 November 2010

'Aiduladha Mubarak

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I wish everyone 'aiduladha mubarak, 古爾邦節快樂, 祝願安拉把全人遮蔽吧 kurbang jieh kuaile, zhuyuan Allah ba quanren zhebi bah!  I pray so that may Allah protect everyone in this uncertain period near the resurrection.

I am now still in the midst of our examination since I still have other two papers which are the Global Political Economy and International Relation. It is quite frustrating that I could not enjoy the celebration like others but I am thankful to Allah for having His mercy on me so that I could see the celebration this morning and pray communal prayer in the mosque.

Yesterday I fast so that Allah will grant His mercy on everyone. I had not performing fast since long after being advised by someone that it is not good to fast so much as I am just a skinny guy, haha. Frankly I don't really care about myself. But as to say everything has its right so I decided not to over the limit. Besides Allah will hate me.

This 'aiduladha will always be a remembrance for me. I went for Hajj pilgrimage last six years. I really miss the moment and the Holy Land since then. Today the people will getting ready to go for Mina for jamrah. I will always remember what I had experienced in Mecca. It is an interesting spiritual journey and hope that I could go through it as many times as possible. I love it so much, hope that my Arabic will get better again also I could memorize Quran in full insya'Allah : )

May Allah bless our honorable father, Ibrahim (as), and his family. Blessed be our prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and his companion also everyone. 

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