Friday, 19 November 2010

Hassan al-Banna: A Muslim Reformer

Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. I have finished almost all of the paper. Now I just have another one paper to go and it is not a burden anymore for me. I had covered almost all of the topic, may Allah keep my memory long going for the subject this Monday, Amin!

Yesterday night I went to a brother room. A Kelantanese guy and six years younger than me. It is just a ziara (visit) because I was on the way to the restaurant and I had not taken my dinner yet at that time. Then suddenly rain poured down. The brother thbored : ) He then start talking about politics. Well, I actually hate politics it makes me feel

But then he hits the right button when he talked about Hassan al-Banna. I love this figure. I had read some books about this figure and I have a huge respect to Ikhwanul Muslimin (Muslim brotherhood). The brother said that the guy was shot dead. I think that I had read about him and also his idealism last time but it may be long ago. May Allah bless his pure soul, aamin!

Very nice idealism and the late Mr. al-Banna's idea had made me realize the importance of Arabic although I had learned it since I am a young kid. The language does not attract me at all because it was around me. Now when I really wanted it, it always distanced itself from me. Lately, I had discovered that my paternal line is of Yemeni descent although we do not use the title sayyed (lord). It makes me more keen now to go back to my root. Without our silsilah (family line), we had lost everything including our religion. I had lost Islam when I was 15 and becoming a silent Buddhist. It began since I was 13 years old but I profess the statement of belief when I was 15.

I listened to the brother with respect about what he thinks regarding politics either in Malaysia or abroad. Well, most of all Mr. al-Banna's idealism is not really about politics. I am so relieved as I hate politics. I am just into Allah and the prophets teaching. Then it is about the purpose of our life. As a Muslim, my purpose is only You O Allah! How chaos is our Muslim nations without proper understanding of the basis of Islam.

I am planning to read more about Mr. al-Banna idealism. I wish that there are also books about him in English or Chinese :'(   

May Allah forgive us our sins, and please O Allah do not Ye count us our despicable acts due to our ignorance and forgetfulness, Amin!


  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    akh, you have such a nice blog.Sincerely, I cn see that you had written most of your posts from the bottom of your heart. Subhanallah..

    Keep up the awesome blogging ya. I really love to read blogs that cn empower me to be a better person and of course a better muslim.Someone to remind me of things that I might not pay heed in my daily life.

    InsyaaAllah, if possible I want to put link to your blog.Hope you don't mind if I do that =).

    InsyaAllah, hope to 'see' you more often in this blogosphere ya. Barakallahu Fik m May Allah bless you akh

  2. was surprised at the part where u became a Buddhist. Alhamdulillah, perhaps a prayer of one of ur ancestors in blessed land of the saints was answered and you are what you are today.

  3. @The Tea Drinker

    Yes, I turned to Theravada Buddhism. I believed no One ruled this Universe and gave up my life to Buddha's protection when I faced dissappointments.

    Praise be to Allah, His guidance and Mercy are boundless, even to a foul and sinful soul. May Allah forgive us our sins.


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