Thursday, 17 July 2014


Peace be upon everyone and blessings

Praises be only for the God the Highest, the Lord of the entire universe. I am growing proficient with this site applications so my task would be a lot more easier. I managed to learn some video editing and visual making. So, I could see that being a computer geek sure would be a reward if we could use it to the fullest, lol. I never forget my promises to my beloved One. I would strive hard only for His pleasure and performing our ancestral tasks to bring mercy, peace and eventually love for those who come across us beginning with my own family : )

I am going to link several sites in one so I would integrate my life experience in a better way with other journals. I thought of dumping my feelings be they toxic or good ones here in the beginning while I never thought that it is also followed by other fellow brothers and sisters. I appreciate your prayers and love so much and wishing everyone happiness and success in this life and in the hereafter does not matter of what faith or creed you are. In the end, it is His mercy which will save everyone He wishes. 

I would import some personal stuffs into my personal sites but do not worry... I would not close this site since it perhaps would be your inspiration or lesson for everyone though it might not be as good as others life. I live just like other people. There are happiness or sadness in life and I believe that we could not deny any one of them. I believe in simplicity and my path is the middle path. I believe that human-being must behave and think like human. Not thinking like holy angels or the Devil. Everyone has his own role within this universe as He decreed in His own way. You might get to know my real identity as I have nothing to hide if you check closely on few sites linking here, hehe. I am not writing here to get any publicity or for profit-making, lol. It is just my monologue with my sweetheart, Allah the Most Merciful. It is the life of ordinary Muslim guy who lives like other human-being. 

I am trying to activate the site in Arabic for Arabic studies. Everything is in Arabic so some more technology could be benefited to its highest usage, haha. You might need to use your google translator application. Or you would be lucky to find some Jawi Malay scattering around there if you understand Malay. There would be some more links but I have to think on several other stuffs like coordination and making things simple. 

Wish everyone luck,

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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