Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Job Application 2014

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I think since now I am typing here, I had applied few jobs only for this year. The last year applications are all not counted but I am just telling you out there especially those takabbur guys who already got their position secured in companies or agencies around but bitching around like there is no God watching or listening to you that you boast on everything is due to your own hard work! I am not giving up simply to see you laughing at unfortunate ones!!! You are worse than those who killed little kids and elderly people in the battlefield! 

I used the word takabbur last time to describe 'Amr Diab (Egyptian pop singer) when I talked about Arabic entertainment with 'Emad who was my classmate. He told me the word is so appropriate, haha... Anyway, sorry friend. I do not really care about geopolitical issue in the Middle East. Our ancestral land (Yemen) too faced many problems yet nobody gives us a shit. People are killed and treated like animals around the world. It is not only the issue of Muslims but a global issue which also related to other inhabitants of the world known as, the human race!  The angels had already talked before the God about us as recorded in the Glorious Quran (Surah al-Baqarah 2:30) but many of us still forgot this.

Firstly, in the beginning of this year... I applied for a government servant position. I was not so much knowledgeable about how to apply into government agencies but one of my Yemenite acquaintance known as 'Abdullah told me to apply for government position and not to waste our position as the sons of the soil although we are not Malays but because we are here since 300 years ago. Well, many of my cousins from my father side work as police, soldiers, guard or watchmen. They are the sons of my Hassan and Hussain uncles. Some of them do business especially the ladies and they do not really care about "jurisprudence" regarding halal business. Their mother is different to my father's mother. My father's mother is a Malay woman. Their mother is North-Indian Arab just like my grandfather. Many of those acquaintance from Mokalla in Yemen also asked me to join our government service. Well, I am interested to serve our government but it is not easy to apply even when we hold the passport and citizenship. I applied a post in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. I am not sure whether I would pass because they have tests before I could go for the interview.

In this month, I applied some jobs in the United Nations Development Programs. I saw that there are lots of vacancies in the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Kuala Lumpur but I have to stay away from the agency because I only served for less than a week. I had to quit because of responsibility to my family. I afraid that they would blacklisted my name since my name was also sent to Bangkok at the headquarters for Asia Pacific region. However, I cannot find any suitable job as according to my qualifications that made me have to fight tooth and nail to survive. I sent two applications for Policy and National Institutional Expert which is based in Quezon city, the Philippines. The other one in this agency is the Communication and Advocacy Officer based in New York. I do not know on how I would be engaged with the interviews or even reaching those places. Well, for the Philippines perhaps I can manage to reach there. 

The second one was the European Communications Associate. It is in the Open Society Foundation. The place is far too which is in the United Kingdom. I do not know how I would reach there say if it is for the interview. Maybe they have Skype interview or maybe phone interview? Do they accept non-national who live abroad applications? I do not know and I do not know. I am just dependent to Him as the Provider of the Sustenance.    

I lament my stubbornness last time when I wanted to stay true to myself that I cannot be a robot to fulfill the labor needs in the country by refusing to go for pharmacist training, refusing to study culinary art which was proposed by my mother or going for technical training. Because I am not a machine kind of person. I am more to humanity. Those people like the late Salam el-Masdusi which I posted in few posts below are humanity kind of person. I am identified as that kind of person. 

I do not think that I am going to succeed with my applications because of several factors such as the lack of experience, the due date which is so much close since there are so many online job openings and we might lose the pace when we feel tired looking at the monitor but at least I tried. 

For those who are studying, make sure you really sure on what you are doing. Do not simply do things because you see that others are doing so. Follow your own necessities. Sometimes we already planned things but obstacles come such as unfortunate incidents. It happens because this world is a test for faithful servants of the God. Some people live so smoothly that they know no hardships at all. Some who realize that the world is temporal such as lord Siddartha Gautama went out and being a "silly fool" leaving behind his luxurious palace to live like beggars bearing humiliation. I am not trying to compare myself to this great teacher or other great teachers but their life portray what most of us are experiencing around down here.... 

I think I get some idea on doing some part-time jobs. Maybe working in the cinema which is a good start for a jobless loser like me. I could get some money as tool for me to move say if I get another secured job. I get to know few Bangladeshi or perhaps Myanmar migrant workers from the musalla where we prayed together. They are so kind to me that they offered to help me to find part-time jobs as cleaner and road sweeper. I would never forget their kindness. They are at least better than my own selfish relatives or country men. They deserve to be treated like angels. I believe that they are the unknown living saints for me... May He bless them always and may they live a blessed life forever and ever :'(      

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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