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Salam Masdusi

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I am just here to paste some information about this fellow Arab of Indian nationality. I think this guy explains my personality too. Everyone also reads about the traits of the admin of this site when reading about him except that the admin is not a great figure like him, haha. I am pasting all about these figures for everyone including myself to learn about qualities and values of simple living people. I have the same beliefs like this guy.... Though he is not a big name but he is a great figure at least in my heart...


Mr. Salam bin Musdus al-Masudi al-Mohannad or simply Salam Masdusi (1909) was an Islamic scholar, a social activist, a leader, guide and philanthropist from Mahbubnagar, Andhra Pradesh (Telugu State), India. He studied in the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. 

He had a vast study of Islamic literature. He visited all famous institutes and libraries of the subcontinent in search of knowledge and contacted eminent ulamas (scholars). His life is dedicated in serving people around him, and to guide them and to form an ideal society, at least on a small scale in his own hometown. He set up different academies and organizations. His achievements in the creation of true Islamic temper in his colleagues, by his efforts. There was no religious or historic occasion, event in India not attended by him and his colleagues. He did not get big name nor famous like other people, because he never wanted name or fame neither he ever opted for any position. He always truly believed in and practiced, "Do your duty for the Almighty, but not for name or fame!".    


He had a very clear goal to spread the principles of Islam for which his aims and objectives were....
  • To make his society and educated, self conscious and religious one.
  • To perform Juma'a prayer at one place in a "Nahia" (now is known as Mandal) as laid down in jurisprudence of worship. 
  • To set up an organization at each mandal level to consider and discuss the various problems of the locality and try to execute its decisions.
  • To utilize Muslim endowment properties for construction of commercial complex for uplift of Muslim community.


He was born in 1909 in Mahboobnagar, India. His family is of Hadhrami Arab origin, Ba-Masdus, which migrated to Hyderabad in Deccan region from Hadramawt, Yemen. His father, Masdus bin Abdullah was a highly respected amir of the Ba-Masdus tribe as well as a qadhi (judge), motawalli and imam of the mosque of Old Palmoor in Mahboobnagar.

His father was very pious, honest and humble man, as well as a poet and was loved by one and all. After migration to India, he selected Mahboobnagar in Hyderabad for his residence along with his family and other relatives of his tribe. He purchased a vast land near the district jail of Mahboobnagar, and first constructed a mosque. Then he constructed the houses for his family and his tribesmen. He had two daughters and three sons. The sons are 'Ali, Ahmed, Abdullah and Salam. 

Ali went back to Hadramawt in his early days in order to obtain his ancestral legal rights. Ahmed received his early education in the town and then went to Hyderabad for higher education. During his high school education, he was the classmate of Mohammad Bahadur Khan who was later awarded with the title, Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung by the then ruler of the Hyderabad state and became the founder president of Majlis-e-Ittehad al-Muslimin. In Osmania University, Ahmed was the classmate of the famous Islamic scholar, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah and Nawab Mir Ahmed Ali Khan, the former minister of Hyderabad State government. After receiving his bachelor's degree in law, he practiced first at Mahboobnagar then shifted to Hyderabad where he became a leading advocate and was nominated as an Executive of Majlis-e-Ittehad al-Muslimin. Prior to his shifting to Hyderabad, he along with his colleague, Muhammad Muniruddin, purchased a vast land comprising of 11 acres (45 000 m2) in Mahboobnagar by the side of Hyd-Raichur road and endowed it as Anjumam Khudamm-e-Millat in the year 1940 for the establishment of Muslim students hostel especially those who come to the town from rural areas. In 1949, he migrated to Pakistan. He had written few but competent books and served as Professor of Law in Karachi University.

Early Life

He studied his primary and middle school education in Mahboobnagar. Then, he went to Hyderabad for high school education since there was no high school in his hometown. Later, he joined the Dar al-Ulum high school in Hyderabad. He took admission in Jami'a Millia Islamia, New Delhi where he got the privilege of being taught by eminent scholars like Dr. Zakir Hussain (later became the Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and then, the President of India). The others are Prof. Muhammad Mujib and Prof. Aslam Jairajpuri. He could continue his studies at Jami'a Millia Islamia hardly for a year or more but return to his home town due to his ill health. 

By that time the Middle School Mahboobnagar was upgraded as High School and therefore he took admission in the high school. Fortunately, he got the opportunity of being taught by a famous Urdu poet and teacher Mr. Mohd. Ismail Shareef Azal who found talents in him. Due to his special attention and sincere teachings Salam Masdoosi was inclined towards Urdu poetry and started writing verses and ghazals under the pen name first as "Shaheen" and then "Aasi". To promote literary talents of his school mates, he started a monthly magazine by name " Tarjuman-e-Bazm " in which the student writers used to write their articles and verses in their own handwriting. By the by he started his activities in religious and national movements. In the religious matters he was a strict follower of the teachings of Mohaddis Dehelwi as well as the teachings of Moulana Hussain Ahmed Madani and Moulana Abul Kalam Azad. As regards his political interest he was the follower of one nation theory whereas his elder brother Ahmed Abdullah Al Masdoosi was in favor of two nations theory and the partition of country. On the other hand Salam Masdoosi was a pure nationalist and a supporter of All India National Congress and took active part in the freedom struggle of the country and was imprisoned also.

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