Thursday, 2 January 2014

Qualities of a Faithful

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Says the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w, "A person who pleased the charity or goodness of himself and admits that the evil of himself is evil thus he is a faithful person".

Be well pleased when the God the Highest bestow you with the success to perform obedience to Him o faithful servant. Be grateful to Him with all of your heart when He honors through your services and since He has chosen you to serve Him. Pray to Him may He accept from You through His grace may He accepts your charity in which He facilitates them to you. 

Ali r.a quoted as saying, "Observe more on what is accepted from your action rather than the action itself since it would be much of it if it is accepted".

Never stop from admitting your weaknesses in fulfilling your obligation from the rights of the God the Highest upon you, no matter how intense you are in the obedience towards Him. Since His rights upon you is larger than yourself. He brought you into the existence from nothing. He perfected His grace upon you. He faces you with bestowal and generosity, with His power and with the force which emanates from Him that you could perform devotions to Him. Through the success and His mercy that you perform worship to Him.

Be extremely discreet and never stain the cloth of your faith by going against the commandments of the God the Highest. Quickly repent and repairing yourself each time you had committed sinful action while you are forgetful through remorseful repentance. Never stop from worrying and being anxious although you feel that you sincerely in obedience and perfecting your worship as worrying and anxiety on the sincerity is a sign of a faithful servant. Be aware that the noble prophets of the God the Highest though infallible but still worried and anxious before Him. So do the saints although the God the Highest protecting them always but they never count anything that they had performed before Him due to the anxiety that their worship might be tainted with ill-intention.

You should be more rightful on the anxiety and worry more since the noble prophets and the saints know more about the boundless mercy of the God the Highest as compared to you. They have less prejudice in their thought regarding the God the Highest, righteous in seeking His forgiveness and greater in optimism for His generosity and bestowal as compared to you.

As such, follow their examples may you be saved in the hereafter. Walk on their footsteps may you receive the blessings of success. Hold fast the "path" of the God the Highest. Says the God the Highest, "And how would you deny Faith while unto you are rehearsed the Signs of the God the Highest, and among you lives the messenger. Whoever holds firmly to the God the Highest will be shown as way that is straight" (Surah Ali-Imran 3:101).

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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