Monday, 23 December 2013

No One is Pure

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


This one is made by a Myanmar national. Sorry, I do not like to call Myanmar as Burma. I personally recognize their government and I have few days experience dealing with Rauhingya refugees before my dream to join the United Nations being torn to pieces because of responsibility toward my family, my father and mother. I managed to learn few words from Burmese such as malesia phi malei (where do you live?) and some Rohingya words such as nam ki ho? (what is your name) or kungframo (village), lol. Some of the educated Rauhingya could understand Urdu and that makes me easier in getting their information. There are many Myanmarese in our country. Some of them even could speak in native slang since they had been here since the 90s.

Our Sultanate had also some contacts with Burmese empire when the empire sacked Siamese empire and we down the South had to suffer in the conflicts that happened closer to us. Our first prime minister's mother, Lady Manjalara is also from Martaban which is a region in today's Myanmar and she is married to the sultan of our state. Practically, our first prime minister was a royalty because his father, Sultan Abd al-Hamid Halim Shah (1881-1943) was a sultan or a king which I think quite weird because there are also prohibitions for royalties to directly be involved in political scenes of the country. So, Myanmarese friend do not have to worry. Many of us still aware about your empire involvements in our historical scenes, haha.

With regard to issues around the world especially in Africa, Eastern Europe, the United States and so on... Let the video speaks for itself and congratulations for Myanmar SEA games. I think we should realize that no one is of pure breed. You could also look at Arabia historical site within this humble site or other references on the lineages of Arabians and others. Look at how they developed their tribal and clan identity from the previous ones. The concept is almost the same everywhere... 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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