Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

This is actually a framework for philosophy. I am not simply posting this for a reading but I am trying to open the eyes of brethren that we need to change the mind-set first before we preach to others. There is also Islamic epistemology but this contemporary neologism is coined in the West so I present it within Western and International context first. Because people always relate us to those backward Mullas from South Asia or Central Asia or those from Middle East so I would like everyone to take note that I was a Shari'a stream student. In contrast to my previous bad experience being looked down and low-estimated by those who were involved within "Science" stream in the 90s... I am grateful that I was a Shari'a stream student... I maybe lost the fame or enjoyment of this life but I actually did not lost anything... I have my self identity with me and I am not simply easy to be influenced although it seems like I am a delicate person...

Introducing myself again... I was educated within three educational traditions... Islamic, Secular and Eastern (Buddhist) traditions. I was an undergraduate student in Translation and Interpretation from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in which this course is not even a popular course. I used to laugh at our course with my colleague, Amir. It happened because we only realized that we just studied English-Malay as a major for translation and interpretation theories because we are native speakers of both languages and it was fated that we studied the course. I discussed with my another undergraduate colleague, Azren and he invited me to join him in European Studies for post-graduate where the course concerns with policy-making and governmental decision-making.I wasted my five years in the university for the sake of "knowledge" and social studies. I gained experience from the studies and it indeed makes me mature as compared to those who started their working life early. I started to work when I was 19 years old before I even joined the university. I quit the job because I think education matters the same like my ancestors had taught us. 

I am jobless right now not because I am incompetent or because I cannot converse in English. That is the most lame excuse that I have ever heard for those who interview local graduates. I write almost wholly in English here although educated in local university and local schools. I speak in English more than I speak in the national language. I am jobless because I am giving my hand to my mother to look after my paralyzed father. It is a "test" from the God the Highest as to see how patient we are... I am aware that this universe is temporal and would not last long so I am trying to do everything as to gain His pleasure may He elevate me and faithful brethren within His view receiving His boundless love and mercy : )   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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