Saturday, 9 November 2013

Favor of Reciting Quran

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Reported by Abdullah b. Mas'ud r.a, said the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w: "Whoever recites an alphabet from the scripture and for him a goodness. And a goodness is rendered to 10 for each". - Tirmidhi

Report by Mo'adh b. Anas r.a. indeed the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: "Whoever recites the Glorious Quran and practicing with whatever being stated in it and the God the Highest will put on for his parents the crown during the Day of Resurrection and it shines better than the sunlight in the houses of the Earth and whatever you think with its practices". - Abu Dawud

Abu Huraira in his report mentions that noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, "Those who recite the Glorious Quran in the houses among houses of the God the Highest and he will be covered with the midst of mercy, the tranquility will be descending upon them and the angels reciting litanies for them and whoever in the area". - Muslim


1. Reciting the Quran and memorize the Quran but our practices must be in accordance with whatever we recite. The God the Highest mentions in Surah al-Haqqah 63 v. 44-47 which mentions that if Muhammad s.a.w made anything up which also means not in accordance to revelation and the God the Highest will seize Him by the "Right Hand" and would cut off his aorta while nobody could save him!

2. The benefits that we could get from reciting the Glorious Quran and pondering it before getting it into practices is that we would feel at peace and always covered with His merciful love only if we perform it "constantly".

3. Whoever listens to those who recite the Quran close to him could also benefit from the recitation. I always found that some people love to argue about those who recite it are not knowing the meaning of the Glorious Quran. Let me get this point straight. It is not a problem at all for you to memorize, to recite and listen without knowing Arabic. You can always get a tafseer later and ask the person who recite it what is the verse, what is the surah, what is the particular? The problem here is how are we going to practice the words of the God the Highest? This is the real issue! Not the issue of Arabic or arguing on the Tajweed. Both of them are important branches of study. Leave behind arguments or the showing of intelligence. Start to practice! Less words, more practices.  


These are some excerpts from my Quran in form of hadiths in Arabic. I have few small Qurans with me and each time I see some brothers whom I could trust and I will give them my Quran as a token and prayer. Last time I only handed few copies of Quran to brother Idris Xian Hongzhi because I trust him while the other brother Yunus Huang Kai; I did not have any chance to hand one down to him. I only get to hand him down a copy of prayer book. Sometimes I would write some prescription for people usually prayers from the Quran or from the hadith but I do not simply do it out of blue. I would do that based on reasons and situations. I had lost their contact too after my cellphone slipped down in the bus while working in the government service and I left my social network account till I have forgotten what is the password to get through, haha.   

Usually I would make all sorts of annoying attitude or scaring people away just to check them. It was the advise of father Ali r.a himself and I keep his whole copies of letter and sermon with me together with few prayer books, hehe. The other are sayings of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w family with regard to noble morality and manner to deal with all sort of things. I am so sorry dear brothers who cannot stand me if I hurt some of you, lol. I guess brother Yunus Huang Kai is familiar with the Naqshabandi mission order because his area has this pious man, known as Khwaja Afaq. Some people who are familiar with mission orders perhaps also familiar with my "freaky" attitude. Nothing to worry about. I am just common people like others. I believe there are many others outside there have various experiences in their life be they sweet or sad.    

It is a rainy weekend in this country and I have to change my early morning rituals and exercises. I practice some kind of breathing technique because morning air is fresh and the oxygen is abundant. I learned few basic things from some Tibetans that I met too which I cannot disclose to outsiders because it is dangerous to learn things without "proper" teacher and instructions. It is good for both physical and mental health especially for blood circulation. I had seen many people living unhappy life not because they are poor and penniless. They are unhappy because they are not appreciating "basic" things around them, haha.

In gap periods while waiting for something which we are not sure. It is also known as the "purgatory". Purgatory is almost equal to the alam barzakh but the difference is that you are breathing and your "soul" is still attached to your gross body. Some might think that it is suffocating. But perhaps it is also a period for remission and cleaning our self. A period to ponder and contemplate in the intermediary state between "life and death" : )

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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