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Epistle of the Reminder

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

We give thanks to the God the Highest for some knowledge which He made known to us Himself by His Will and Mercy Compassionate Love. Glory be to the God the Highest, there is nothing which comes to our knowledge except that whatever that You have taught us. Indeed, You are the Most Knowledgeable and the only One who possess the Great Wisdom. 

I have made some notes for brothers and sisters out there maybe if you have no reach to our literature then this site is only a bridge for you to other knowledge. I am not so much a teacher nor a lecturer. I am just trying to share things. I just do not like the system of teacher and student. I love the mentor and mentee system for studies. You could be close to your students with common respect and this is the system that the followers of prophet Muhammad s.a.w and the pious predecessors had put in their studying practices. They do not simply make friends around but they find specific friends to be their teachers. Oh yeah, before I forgot. I am begging prayers from brothers and sisters. I just need your prayers here I do not want anything but simply prayers. 

Because people might think that we do not produce any literature about our missions or academic writings. We do have literature but they are more in the form of practices rather than long-winding lecture. Some of them are not for public reading because they are about high spiritual matters. People would have to come into the "Path" step by step when they are interested to learn things. Start everything with the basic ones. Never go from the top-down basis or depending "solely" on materials from the internet. I strongly discourage people using anything from this site as their argument outside but I view this site as a personal experience site which is still opened for sharing before it is destructed. The top-down basis in knowledge seeking would make your head hay-wire and is not good for mental health. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your life, your money and stepping our of your comfort zone just to seek reliable teachers experiencing pain and sufferings. Patience is indeed beautiful as what the God says in the Glorious Quran (Surah Yusuf 12:18).   

We are just repeating over and over whoever servants' of the God deeds as a token of faith we obey His command to help each other in chastity, charity and in the spirit of taqwa.  For the beginning, I am going to translate this taqwa term as "fear" in English and this word is a spiritual terminology in desert people's religion. Because "Islam" rises again from the desert region so it also uses the term which is used in the spirituality of previous Semitic sages. A noble person in the God's view is a person who possess the taqwa. The God is the Guardian of the fearful servants. And the God the Highest created the creatures such as the human and those hidden from the physical eyes as to serve Him in the Earth but never to enjoy luxurious life or heaping treasures.


The God the Highest reminds everyone through prophet Muhammad s.a.w which means, "I was not revealed to heap treasures and to be among merchants, but I was revealed with: Exalt and praise your Lord and be among those who prostrate and worship the God with your sincere devotion services till your soul leaves your body".

Thus, fortunate and perfect is a person who hold fast with the purpose of his creation and keeping himself away from being influenced by the evil of those who use not their mental faculties. Fortunate and perfect is a person who keeps himself away from the ignorant who loves to pamper himself and anything which could obstruct his noble cause.

May the God the Highest pours His mercy always upon Muhammad s.a.w, the noblest among the messengers of the God and the final among the prophets. And the God the Highest had sent Him as a mercy toward the universe. May the God the Highest be merciful upon his family, his companions and those who ministered their path in his foot prints may they be in good condition up to the Resurrection.

Fear is the head of all charities either in the open or closed world. Fear will accumulate the happiness in the world and the hereafter for those who possess it. Since fear is highly valued in the view of the God the Highest and because of its position is highly deemed by the scholars who practice their wisdom and knowledge thus with fear they begin their sermon, advises and their messages to others. Because fear is sufficient and transcendent over all of the desired goodness, thus it would be sufficient too that the preacher in the Friday pulpit being obliged to remind everyone with the mention of fear to the God the Highest. Often too that great scholars of the past reminding those who seek their advise by simply asking them to be fearful to the God the Highest without any elaborate beautiful words. 

Commandment to be Fearful

Fear is a commandment of the God the Highest, Lord of the universe upon those who come before us and He says which means, "... Indeed, We advised those who were given the scripture before you and also to yourselves to be fearful to the God... " - Surah al-Nisa' 4:131

The verse explains that it is a testament between the God the Highest and those who accept the Scripture to be fearful to Him. However, if one chooses not to accept then to Him belongs whatever in the heavens and whatever in the Earth. He is Free of need and Praiseworthy. We can say anything to Him too but we are not the ones who generate the universe. I often hear some Muslims talk about people of the scripture like the Jews and the Christians. About their distorted scriptures and stuffs. Let me ask ourselves about one thing which is certain. Aren't we the people of scripture too? What is the Glorious Quran then? How are we going to contemplate over the revelation? Isn't it for our own insight before it spreads out of the heart?  

"O you who have believed, fear the God and speak words of appropriate justice". - Surah al-Ahzab 33:70

"O you who have believed, fear the God as He should be feared and do not die except as people who submit to Him". - Surah Ali-Imran 3:102

"O mankind, be fearful to your Lord, the One who creates you from a "soul" and created from it, its mate and dispersed from both of them, men and women. And fear the God, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed, the God is ever an Observer over you!" - Surah al-Nisaa' 4:1

"So, fear the God as much as you are able and listen and obey and spend righteously; It is better for yourselves. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul; It is those who will be successful". - Surah al-Taghabun 64:16

There are many verses recorded in the Glorious Quran when we talk about the commandment to be fearful. There are many benefits when a person becomes a God fearing person.

Benefits of Fear


A fearful person would get way out from difficulties and thus founding sustenance in the way which he never imagine before (Surah al-Talaq 65:2-3). 

And the God will guide him, "That is the scripture without any doubt in it as a guidance for those who are fearful" (Surah al-Baqarah 2:2). 

The God the Highest will become the Teacher for those who are faithful (Surah al-Baqarah 2:282). 

They will get the light which banishes the darkness of ignorance and their sins will be forgiven and banished by the God, the Lord of the universe (Surah al-Anfal 8:29). Some exegesis mentions that the God will put the light in the heart of the God fearing person as it will guide him to distinguish the righteousness and the evil so his "self" could choose which one is preferable based on his intellectual faculties such as the heart and mind. 

Thus, the God will become their Guardian and Protector (Surah al-Jaathia 45:36). They will be receiving salvation (Surah Maryam 19:72). And they will be entering the paradise (Surah al-Ra'ad 13:35; Surah Muhammad 47:15; Surah al-Qalam 68:34; Surah Qaf 50:31). 


Be fearful to the God wherever you are and topple you evil deeds with the good ones may the latter banishes the previous ones and deal with others through noble manners. And the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w says that, "I advise you to be fearful and listen or obey the command of fearfulness though the person who reminds you is an Ethiopian slave... ".

Be fearful of the Hell although if it is just the size of a date and it is sufficient with good words if you have no fear in your heart. And the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w as a guide to others said the supplication, "Dear the God I pray for the guidance, the fear and seeking refuge from asking things from others and for the richness of one self which is the manner and morality".

There is no difference between the whites and the blacks. No difference between the Arabs and gentiles. Everyone is the same human race. Human race and creatures are all from the Earth. The difference of one's rank with the other is only the fear in his heart.

Never eat except with fear and never drink except with fear. And the person who is deemed very highly by the God and by the prophetic standard is a God-fearing person.  

Quotes of Figures

Lady Aisha r.a mentioned that, "Nobody in this world amazes prophet Muhammad s.a.w except that he is a God fearing person". 

Ali r.a. said that, "Indeed, nothing could destruct the crops of a tribe with the blessings of their fearfulness to the God".

Qatada b. al-Nu'man reports that the Torah also mentions about the fearfulness, "Be a God fearing person and sleep wherever you like in the Earth".

Sulayman al-Amash in a quote says that, "Those with fearfulness as their capital, the tongue would be in difficulties while drawing its profit".

Bishr the Barefoot in his poem said which means:
A God fearing person is like a never-ending life. While a tribe has died out while among human they are breathing and alive.
Shortly, it can be concluded that the benefit of fearfulness to the God is countless. Abu Hamid al-Ghazali explains in an elaborate manner through his book, "The Method of the Servants" and I would put this in a separate part before compiling them again in a page so everybody could access it and get it kept in their own notes, through His Will. Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billahil 'aliyyil 'adhim...  

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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