Friday, 1 February 2013

Characteristics of Mind

The nature and the gift of mind shows that man-kind are weak and shallow in their knowledge. Scientists since the ancient of the most ancient times could not decipher nor particularly explain on what is the fact of mind. This clearly shows that not everything in this existence could physically be seen nor being proved on its existence. Not to say, if a human desires to think about the concept and the essence of the Creator the Highest which would never be achieved by their limited mind. 

In other context, mind is a character and a nature of man-kind which is in parallel to their creation. Mind is a part of human fact as a creation. Thus, a mindless human although is perfect with body parts would not be counted as a complete human. For e.g, an insane guy would never be sentenced on his acts whether in any term such as in his intention, verbal acts or oral as according to general law.

Nature and the characteristics of human's mind are positive. Mind could lead human-being toward goodness and development physically or spiritually. This positive nature of human-being's mind is in parallel to the origin of human-being creation, pure and clean. Both the characteristics of mind and its nature should be consistent with the nature of faith while the purity should be in accordance with the Divine Path. The positive traits of mind could be benefited as maximum as it can in order to strengthen the faith through scientific methods and logic with the help of Divine Path. 

The positive nature of mind and the pure faith would be tainted if not guided by the Divine Path or when being used in opposite to the goal of Divine Path. The mind would later be polluted and deviating from the truth. Among the factors of a filthy mind are following the longing of evil desires, polluting oneself with sins or the weakness of faith.

On the other hand, though mind as per its nature is pure and positive, but it is not equal to the "nature". It is due to that, mind plays the role to bring a human-being to a certain fact, stage by stage. When it reaches the stage only, it would experience tranquility and achieves its peak as its necessity is fulfilled. 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!    

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