Monday, 26 November 2012

Twilight Saga II: Breaking Dawn

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I just returned like 50 minutes ago from the theater watching the movie Breaking Dawn about the vampire thingy with a friend. Anyway he treats me with the ticket so first of all as a sign of gratitude, thank you. You shouldn't have it. I think I would love to be the first to treat people but when they treat me I feel just... Guilty and a little bit shy because it is not our right by rites or traditions...

The movie is still lingering about the characters such as the "vegetarian" Cullen family with the main hero, that British, Pattinson guy as Edward and Kirsten Stewart as Bella. In this second part of the saga, it shows briefly that Bella was transformed into a vampire by her husband, Edward. So, she could feel herself the obsession of being a white pale vampire. She also has daughter with her husband and giving birth to her when she was a human. Her name is Renesmee played by Mackenzie Foy. When Edward and Bella returned to their house, they founded that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) has an imprint on their daughter. I checked what does that mean. It means that the wolf gazed at the baby and had fallen in love with her. Then it is about the battle that nearly broken among the two sides of vampires and the werewolves because of misunderstanding. It also shows the battle scene but it is just a prophecy by Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) that Volturi or the Chief of Vampire Council would also be killed in the battle if he still insist to kill the half-vampire little girl who is Renesmee.

There are vampires of various nationalities involved in the scene where they allied to face Volturi. Two vampires from Romania had said that they waited for 1500 years to seek revenge on Volturi. But I am not sure what was their grudge with the chief. Maybe it is like a pact of Protestant vampires who protesting the centralized Catholic orders with the help of a Coptic vampire, lol. It was a peaceful ending anyway but the chief implies that there would be future battle where they would destroy the Cullen coven in Forks.

I did not really understand the movie when I watched it because I did not watched the first saga so kind of like puzzling what the hell is happening? I did not really watch the movies because it seems like too much of feminine fantasy. But I love the way they present the movie in the beginning. How I wish I know how to make my own videos with some computer knowledge and editing skill but too bad I am not so good in technical field and also bad with computer skills. It perhaps could serve to explain about my faith and belief. Also on cultures or environment surrounding me and what makes me a S.i.R since I do not like to be interviewed or discovered by people but love to cover my face when talking, using symbolization and appear like a hapless beggar or just among "people" in front others... lol... Thank you for stumbling by this humble site. Lord bless with much love...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!   

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