Wednesday, 12 September 2012

US Consulate Stormed over a Low-Class Boring Movie

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I watched the trailer of this movie and I find that it is a stupid movie after reading news in the Independent about innocent American citizen was killed as US Consulates is Stormed over Mohamed Film in Libya. The movie was actually produced by this unanimous person known as Sam Bacille. He is an American citizen. 

My short review from the trailer of this movie is about the oppression on the Coptic Christians in Egypt and there are scenes where people with white robe and turban slashing Christian girl with axe. Then a character in a movie, seems like a medical staff who is a Christian returns home and a girl asked the guy why is this happening? So, the guy relates it to the story of Muhammad which is grossly twisted where it portrayed noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w as a sex-maniac, associated with women and power-crazed person. I can't find any retaliation between the long-winding story line about this so-called Mohamed figure in the movie with the Coptic of Egypt or it is just to show that the screen play producer is trying to show that he's an intelligent evolution of chimpanzee offspring (in the Old Testament version of Tenakh, these half-human are known as Nephilim who had screwed human females).

To answer this movie, let me first introduce myself. I am one of the People of the House and of the Banu Hashim tribe by paternal descent. When we say that we're the People of the House, it means that we're of close proximity to the person who is known as Muhammad s.a.w through his daughter Fatima al-Zahra. We're from the descents of Fatima al-Zahra but in front of people we are forbidden to claim ourselves as the People of the House unless if we're spiritually and physically ready to put any claim forward. We're everywhere nowadays, we speak many languages and let me tell some people who think that Jews were facing Holocaust or Christians were slain everywhere. Our ancestors were also brutally slain and our history were darkened even among fellow Muslims ourselves. Many of us were facing identity crisis and some of us even converted to Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity because of the pressure around us which also tyrannized us in many ways.

As a Muslim and the follower of Muhammad s.a.w teachings. I never have any problem with Christians and not even Jews. I am way more tolerant than red neck Christians in farms in the US and even the Jews would never be as tolerant as I did. I visited Buddhist or Hindu temples and Christian churches without even scratching the walls nor touching the idols in the temples. I keep Bible with me and I listened to Hindu and Buddhist literature as well. The depiction about sex related to mother Khadija is so disgusting for me and those who portrayed her with the low image is a pathetic sex-maniac himself. She is a noble woman and she was portrayed as such low. I guess this is how Sam Bacille and those who are involved in the movie treat their mothers or even great grandmothers.

About the movie and how I feel? I just feel that it is a disaster to human mannerism, morality abuse and civilization. The producer of the movie is just as extremist as the terrorists around. They just using the pretext of women emancipation and other stuffs which looks like giving the right to minorities but the real point is that they are provoking "fire" around the world. Perhaps these people are the Ya'ajuj (Gog) and Ma'ajuj (Magog) who will be followed by the arrival of false Messiah. These barbarous and uncivilized ancient giants are now everywhere. They would claim themselves of any religion such as Jews, Christians, Muslims or of any other political ideology views such as Communism, Secularism, Feminism, Europeanism, Americanism and etc.

Other than that, could people stop writing Muhammad as Mohamet? This is not the European imperial power era anymore. It is Muhammad and I just found it as annoying for the low-class movie producers to use such spellings to our sage. Other thing is that Orientalism motto the domination over nations is not the motto of Muslims. We don't have the belief like that but Orientalist of non-religious European Jews had forced it to Muslims around the world. If it is the core belief, then it should also be mentioned in our pillars of religion and articles of faith. I can't found any dominion mentions there and Islam is a universal path as the name itself is one of His Glorious Names. The belief of human dominion over nations and slavery of other man-kind is the belief of those Orientalists.    

I just have a message to all Muslim brothers and sisters. Do not do anything stupid and don't follow your emotions when deciding on doing something. The best suggestion that I could give to brothers and sisters:

1. Sue the producer of this kind of movies through international law pursuit. Use your organizations to get through law enforcement and charging these culprits who use the pretext of civil liberty to provoke war among countries and society.
2. Report the producer of such movies (does not matter about any figure whether Jesus, Muhammad, lord Buddha or Hindu sages) to Interpol.
3. Don't commit any riot in your countries as it would only hurt fellow citizens in your respective countries and you're wasting your tax-payer's money beside demolishing the infrastructure in your country. Who would be the losers if that happened?
4. Just ignore the red necks cause if you pay attention to them, they will be more of poseurs, gedik and mengada-ngada as such attention-whores.

About the Coptic Christians, I know about the problems that they are facing in Egypt. I had contacted Churches in Egypt and Lebanon to send me few copies of their theology documents to me by mail and I read about their church orders as well. What I could say is that oppression is everywhere and it does not only about people of this religion or that religion or of this ethnicity or that ethnicity being tyrannized. Even if we live in a monolithic society, we would still see the oppression by the rich onto the poor. The bureaucracy that makes us wanted to spew curses on others and many other injustice.

Sex maniac characters in the movie does not portray our sage and teacher. They just portraying their real selves who love to watch porn movies and thinking about genitals 24/7, wasting protein drops, and living like animals.  

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!                

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