Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Science and Religion: Never Take Short Ones as the Measurer

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

If we wanted to reach the fact of the universe, we should not only using our own logical thinking. We have many components in our soul namely the mind, the sentiment or feeling, and the will. Even religious person is not guaranteed to have deep feeling in his religious belief if he only uses logical thinking in everything or in considering something. There are many wicked law-makers and jurists who used their minds and thinking to distort divine law or other kind of laws for their own benefits. If you wanted to escape from the ties of burdening religious practices, there are jurists who are good at finding the way out.

In tasawwuf science and Islamic terminologies, a person who is good at using the logic to reach the facts of truth is known as 'alim or 'ailom. When a person reached the highest stages in "feeling", they are known as an 'arif. The extension of the knowledge and sciences is known as ma'arifat.

Life itself has shown that a human though how strong his thought or thinking trying to achieve knowledge and faith, but it is only with feeling that he could get to reach to the mind. We are urged to maintain pure feeling in our religion. In this matter, prophet Muhammad s.a.w says that: "Sinful act is what you feel in your chest when you commit it". That is why spiritual ulamas had developed spiritual exercises according to their orders and chains in order to train the "feeling" to be closer to Allah. This is known as riyadhat or in English I would translate it as recreational activities to train mind and soul.

There are people with strong thoughts and intellects but weak in his feeling. They are just scholars. There are those with strong will but intellectually weak in thoughts and mind. He commenced the journey and later the journey will be continued by others after him. There are people who are discreet in their feeling and these kind of people usually become artists. They perhaps creating beautiful masterpiece of arts but forgotten to shave beards or even looking at their appearance in the mirror.

So, let the scholars and scientists researching the world as much as they want. Let them analyze it and comparing it. Continue with researches. But never forget that it is not enough to be called as a complete puzzle. The same thing to artists. Let them researching and observing the beauty of nature and absorbing them into their selves before presenting them to others. But never forget that it is not enough. Beside science and art, listen also to the prophets, messengers of Allah and honest sufis. These people are those who would bring us up toward the peak of knowledge and art.

As long as scholars letting off their egoism and arrogance because they are intellectuals. As long as religious people leaving behind their fanaticism and rough narrow faith which had walled themselves in their throne of ignorance. As long as they free their selves from interpretations of previous religious clerics that were thought as part of religion while they are just interpretations of previous people. Then the conflicts between "science" and religion could be avoided. Regarding the interpretations, what has been told in glorious Quran to us actually does not touching other people but it is also intended to us.  

Sometimes, I feel weird when listening to some Muslim brothers and sisters talking about this Yahudi or that Nasara while they are displaying the same attitude like what had been uttered on those Yahudi or Nasara from their mouth. The real problem is not about the Yahudi or Nasara or Sabeans or etc. The real thing that we need to conquer and understand is our selves.  

Knowledge and science would be complete with religion. Religion would be complete with knowledge. Both religion and knowledge are two inseparable components in the universe. Both of them exposed us to the secret of universe in many angles. Both them are inseparable drinks to satisfy the thirst of human soul so human could achieve a balanced life.

The goal of religion is to reach the truth and the fact of life. The goal of the science and knowledge is to get closer to the "ultimate truth". Knowledge to know and religion to feel it because we can't touch it with our hand. Knowledge is for the outer self. Religion is for the inner self.

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aali Muhammad. Allah please protect us with Your wisdom and boundless sea of mercy compassionate. 

- finished the last part all praise due to Allah -

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 


  1. This is my first visit to this blog and I have read a few of your entries but all I have to say is what a brilliant piece of blogging! I'm really entertained! lol

    I don't know why but I have a sneaky feeling that we are on the same boat! lol

    Looking forward to read more of your inputs and if you don't mind can we become a close associate? lol

    Assalamulaikum w.b.t

    1. welcome, i'm glad you enjoy reading them. hope they're beneficial for you.


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