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Science and Religion: If Clergy Men are Wrong, Academicians are also Wrong!

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Problems in Terminologies and Reference Consistency

I don't know how to translate or interpret those words such as religious studies experts and non-religious studies scholars. The way I understood science is different from the mainstream views. So, basically what I refer to as clergy men are those who are known as priests, monks, ministers, preachers, pastors, imams or mullas. While academicians in this post refer to scientists or scholars in the universities as what we see today. 

Pre-Conditions to be a Believer of Science

For the scholars, they religiously believe in the science, theories and opinions while they had forgotten that the condition for this science is that; theories will always evolve to another one and if it is contested by the more plausible ones, the previous one will be unreliable. Theories are bounded to time period and the changes in the space. Science and knowledge generally is a group of evidence in evaluating the truth of certain things and matters. If the study is not half-cut in the middle of the research, there are many possibilities for the previous theory to be canceled by the new-founded one till it has to be developed again in other forms.

International Theories and Approach to View World Politics and Affairs

In International Relation and Social Studies for example, the notion by this ulama about "reliability of science" in his writing is the same as what had been lectured to us in our classes for first two semesters. We have political theories such as:

1. Realism
2. Liberalism
3. Marxism
4. Constructivism

And the world is viewed as a stage where the beings in world is viewed as actors. Who are these actors? They are basically those who are involved in decision-making and the basic one that I could provide here is the state and its system. There are also classifications of those mentioned theories into classical theories, neo-theories and post-theories or approaches in viewing the action of actors. This is my personal opinion dear brothers and sisters. We as religious studies students in madrasah must be exposed to these studies. We should not only study Quran and Sunnah. Because we live in the more globalized world where there are people of many views and kind which trying to defame us, Muslims with the notion of modernism, backwardness and fanaticism.

I am talking like one of madrasah students though I am an out caste due to that I was a madrasah students myself who were kicked out of the track due to harsh environment revolving around me and rising conflicts within myself. Now I am an International Studies students majoring in European continent institutional studies without any basic in my first degree certificate. I studied different things when I was an undergraduate student. In front of people, I might be looking like a scary all-black attire hermit, poor like a beggar and "stupid" but I am listening to what people are talking around besides mentally commenting their opinions. It also includes those of Mahasiswa Islam and Tabligh Jama'at discussions and I am just avoiding them because there are gaps in discussing things with people around and I do not want any conflict.

So, there are little kids who might come closer to me in the musalla and asking me why you are so silent? Most of the Mahasiswa Islam and Tabligh Jama'at members are not of social studies background but are of diverse part of sciences in the university which actually deals with crude sciences related to job skills for human labor or human capital needs. While most of my fellow religious studies brothers in Middle East are purely studying about Quran, religious sciences and Sunnah. I don't know how many people are experiencing things like me. If you have this experience please share or just paste your blogs in the comment box down here. I am listening, pondering and reading everything. This is my part as per Tabligh notion for "Fikir Ummat" or thinking for the nations. I had already been thinking about this since I was a little kid and it was conflicting within myself besides others are looking negatively at me. I had suffered alone for this and still am suffering. The feeling of suffer is like a metal being burnt in the stove. It begins with the "heart". 

Errors of Secular Scholars

A genuine scholar must have the confidence on not being confident. Ready to accept changes and re-evaluate what has been held as his belief after receiving new explanations. This is how science that we see in modern world evolve and we are tracing its historical tracks. Firmly holding a theory or approach for example this is sour or that is stale is a biggest mistake for scholars and scientists. It is as equally wrong with what has happened to clergy men in understanding the evidence in its literal sense!

The error of scholars, academicians and scientists would be even bigger if they thought that scientific research is the only way to reach the truth and fact. It is true that scientific and fact research is a tool to achieve or to be closer to the truth. However it is only a tool among tools. Not the only tool that exist!

I am having issues with these kind of people. They believe in only one approach and hold firm with it. Thus they are creating dogma without realizing it. What is the difference between them and the bigots in other groups of man-kind if this happen?

Physics for example could investigate and provide facts for things which are moving in the universe. However it is not applicable anymore when it comes to things beyond the universe. A wider way of thinking is not only limited to physics. It is goes beyond physics. The metaphysics.

This is what we call as metaphysical matters. They could check the phenomenon such as light and provide everything related to light what about thing which is beyond the light? Their research and questions would stop when it reaches it limit. Science could not reaching the Creator of the Universe or things beyond physical eyes. That is why we could see in American movies, they are trying to make everything scientific and to show that everything could be researched they begin to create stuffs such as aliens, superman, and other imaginary characters within the universe. They might perhaps talking about myth of deities in Greek mythologies or Hindu god pantheon as totally absurd from primitive people imagination. But what is the difference between them and those ancient people that they claim as primitive? The prophets, sages and philosophers of ancient time were talking about metaphysical stuffs. Of course they have no degree nor going to school or not graduated from universities with today's academic system and curriculum.          

Tools in Search of the Truth

Science is useful to reach what is material. But science has no strength and limited only to materials. Outside of material boundaries they could not reach it. Collections of evidences, results of researches, results of experiments, contemplation and observation, analysis and mental tools are for us man-kind to reach the truth. There are also other tools and ways to reach facts and truth which is not mentioned here.

Try to see how many people could disagree that artists, poets, philosophers, musicians or singers could also provide the way for others to be closer to the truth? Who would disagree that these an artist could send others into the secret of the universe merely with "senses" and not with forced thoughts. Senses and feelings which had rise in their soul were presented into humanity in the form of art works which could touch the discreet sentiment of others deeper than any other scientific research to develop something which took scientists and the so-called scholars in universities or research centers hundred of years conducting researches and experiments. 

The real truth is beautiful and beauty is the truth. This is the fact which is agreed by everyone. It is wrong for us to think that the way to achieve the truth is merely with science. Behold that art is from divine inspiration, pure soul and an open mind. This way is also the right and clear way as clear as science.

If the role of artists as the seekers of truth could be recognized by everyone, why not the role of prophets and sages who received divine inspiration and revelation from the God? Why not the genuine religious philosophers are not recognized for their contributions in musing the secret of universe? We would certainly never forget the contributions of religion and spirituality in developing the realm of humanity. Revelation and divine inspirations are among the main ways for man-kind to reach the truth. If with science, we are climbing up above to find the truth. But with revelation and divine inspirations, the truth is descending upon man-kind. It would be marvelously beautiful if both of these are in reconciliation and the pure happiness would be achieved  by everyone.

Conclusion of the Sub-Topic

People could accuse that there are fake prophets, fake imams, fake sheikhs and there are also fake religious philosophers which is known as sufis who sold spiritual matters for worldly fame. But we could also not disagree that there are fake artists, fake poets and scholars who only looking for material benefits.

Other than that. I personally disagree with some quotes from Harun Yahya, Ahmad Deedat, Zakir Naik or other Sheikhs' books or lectures by the public. Before we read the thoughts of a person, to agree or to disagree with them. We get to know them first what is their background and how they had gone through their life to form their worldview. These figures talk about different things but still the central of their argument is to bring people toward Islam through components of science and countering theories such as Darwinism or other accusations by Christian missionaries to Islam.

I agree in term of telling people about Islam, stating our views and spreading the word of Allah across the Universe. But I disagree in attacking other religious faith and belief because that is the way those Christian missionaries in Western European colonial lands did. That is also the way of scholars who religiously believe in their theories or the theories which are in accordance to their inclination. Those who quote these figures I know that they never gone through the torturing path of questioning and getting to know their selves. Go through it, then tell everyone how it feels. Just walk in the moderate middle path and this is an advise for everyone including myself.     


May Allah lead us with His guidance and may the ruhul qudus shine upon us. Sanctify our soul ya Allah with Your mercy, forgiveness and eternal love. May we live under Your reign and blessed with Your Great Kingdom.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!   

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