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Chinese Muslim Figure: Hilaluddin Qi Jingyi

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Ling Ming Tang Qadiri Order Complex in Gansu, China

Our Movement

First of all, I would like to highlight that my father family was not belonged to the Qadiri lineage but from another side of Yemenite and Egyptian order which remained in silence since we were once a closed community and I learned that they followed Shafi'ie madzhab for fiqhi sunnah but they are not really Sunni Muslim by today's classification due to that they recognized the guardianship of 'Ali k.w and the authority of this imam after prophet Muhammad s.a.w. I have great respect to honorable baba Abdul Qadir Jailani and regard him as one of us due to similarities in first few imams. Our lineage has the history from the Fatimid empire which was spread across the oceans but trying to tolerate the other schools. Anyway I am still an ordinary Muslim who perform all of the shari'a obligations like others and shifting to Hanbali fiqhi madzhab in term of sunnah angles since we faced many slanders from people around and that really affects our faith in Allah and our religion. So, after all of the past experiences... I turned to the strictest of fiqhi madzhab of "Sunni Muslim" if it is the classification for not being a deviant after I get the confirmation from the Saudi clerics in Mecca though I don't really like Saudi Arabia's government. And I received the kitabs for prayers from Qadiri mission teachers, because they gave it to me so I received it with smile and using them to respect them : )   

Ling Ming Tang interior side. Ling Ming Tang means the Hall of Spiritual Enlightenment : ) 

Hilaluddin Qi Jingyi

So, in this side I would like to introduce this figure from China and a Chinese master of tasawwuf teaching. His religious name is Hilaluddin and his native name is Qi Jingyi 祁静一 ...

His Life

Regarding the life of this figure, it was mentioned that when he was 16 years old, he met a master of Naqshabandi order known as Afaq Khoja in Xining around 1672. He begged the master to be his teacher but Afaq Khoja responsed that he was not the supposed teacher for Qi Jingyi. He mentioned more that his ancient teaching is not to be passed to Jingyi but by another teacher who has already crossed the Eastern Sea and arrived in the Eastern part of the land. He must quickly return home and he will be a well-known teacher in his land. Qi Jingyi studied under the supervision of Khoja Abdul 'Alla which is the 29th descent of prophet Muhammad s.a.w who happened to enter China around 1674. His mission order is under the circle of Qadiri lineage.

His Tomb and the Complex

Master Qi Jingyi was buried in Linxia city in Gansu province after his death. His tomb is among the center of ziyarat by the members of Qadiri lineage whether in the side of Sunni or Shi'a Muslims. It is located in the Hongyuan park. Another one is Ling Ming Tang Masjid complex like in the pictures.   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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