Thursday, 3 May 2012

Unexpected Meeting with Classmate

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I had bumped on Emad the Palestinian when I was about to cross Sungai Dua road after humble prayer services at masjid and some humble dinner. Oh noooooooooooo!!! I don't want to talk about my thesis with that guy nor I was interested in his thesis. I don't know whether he had sent his thesis to the coordinator of the course and I don't care. Last time I was insinuated by sister Siva as that guy's bff, lol. Actually I sympathized that guy for humanitarian reason and I don't do that because he is a Palestinian or blue eyed native Palestinian. I don't consider Jerusalem as the first sacred house because the first sacred house of the Lord is in Holy Mecca. My prophet Muhammad s.a.w always missing his village the Ummul Qura and he was always hoping in his heart that the direction of prayers to returned to our patriarch Abraham a.s house of Lord. So, whatever Palestinian-Israeli issue for me is just part of modern political issues. It is not religious as it is not mentioned in Glorious Quran. I don't like to give too much attention on something. It is not good for them. It will raise up evil characteristics in them selves. It is not good for them right?     

I thought that I was the only one who is not patient and can't wait to be graduated quickly. Of course everyone wanted to go home. I understood him though Penang is just an oversea from Malaysian mainland but this is also not my home. My home is in Kuala Lumpur. Long time I had been disconnected to Arabian culture. I didn't really practice Arabian culture nor speaking in Arabic but I speak and think mostly in other languages. Being an Arab does not mean that we speak in the language. Being an Arabic speaker also does not mean that a person is an Arab. We just takbeel-ed with each other and he is tall so he has to bend down to kiss my cheek, lolll. I feel shy as it is not a custom here and people might think otherwise when seeing two men kissing each other but that is just a custom. Actually has nothing to do with any sexual thing because we don't think like that and we just kiss cheeks like we kiss holy sites for veneration not french kissing

I think Emad is quite a stupid ass because I don't feel shy to criticize him in front of him as he is not an Eastern Asian but a rude Palestinian. He said that his supervisor is lazy and could not spend time to quickly check his thesis. His friend Yusuf is quite smart and quite nice to talked with. He just replied to the guy, your lecturer might have few other students to supervise. It's not you the only one to be supervised. I heard they murmured something and I can understand dialect Arabic especially Egyptian dialect. Just can't reply back because I haven't speak in it for long. I can speak in Arabic again if I stay in Arabic environment like when I was in Mecca. I didn't speak English in Mecca but in Arabic except when I was with fellow Muslim Chinese brother as I show my respect to them. I know they were looked down by Uyghur and Tibetan ethnics in the Western part of  their country so I am showing my support for them not to be isolated. I become a Chinese myself and I practice Confucianism just like normal Chinese. I understood their feeling as hybrid people or people who had lost original identity as they have local native mothers. They are like us especially we are just here for 300 years not like others who were fully assimilated since they arrived earlier. Some Arabs in the masjid, I do not recite Salaam to them because I know some of them had spilled hatred to others. I don't like their words even before Friday prayer service they still have the time to blackening other brothers such as Shi'a Muslims. I don't care whatever Shi'a Muslims falsehood or whoever is correct. Just stop the speculations when we are not an expert on anything. Learn about our own schools and paths. Be observant and be devoted only to Allah. That would be enough for me no need to prove anything to others. 

They bought many things to eat in their room in Bakti. They invited me to join them but I have other things to do. I am doing the reading for thesis while writing this diary of life in Penang Island as a student. I think I badly need Arabic conversation and writing class. I wanted to use it for my focus in rituals and translation of optional services to worship Allah. I also bought a brief kitaab titled "Kunnooz al-Jannah" which means the "Treasures of the Paradise". It is about remembrance and glorifying Allah but its entirely in Arabic with Hadiths narration from Abu Dawood and Tirmidzie. I have to translate them to Chinese first. But most important thing now is I need to finish up with this thesis. Thank you for prayers, dear brothers and sisters. I appreciate my brothers and sisters. I am grateful to Allah to have all of you as brothers and sisters. You people are the best things ever happen in my life  : ) 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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