Friday, 4 May 2012

Diet Plan

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I'm tired of being a little guy and listening to people asking me why you're so tiny. Or maybe some old pedophile homos coming to me and trying to grope me before I kick them like what happened in my first year room! Usually I don't care about my self or how do I look. I don't care about people so much but now I don't know maybe I begin to realize that we need to take care about ourselves. Nobody will take care about us if not ourselves. 

The truth is, I didn't live like a laymen though I was a laymen. I feel like I wanted to answer like this to people when they ask because not all people are the same according to their question. I lived like a monk since I was a child and we really were poor people. Many things we cannot eat and touch not only pork. When talking about skinny, I always avoid spending money that parents gave me for school and silently put them back into their closets. I just learned to be generous when I was an undergraduate student after I saw few kids didn't pay for their breaking fast dinner.

Now trying to change eating habit maybe after I go home. Can't do these here. I find that it's hard for me to gain weight. When I was 15 years old, a doctor who checked me when I was hit by fever had also identified me as a retard, lol. Last time I eat a lot but never gain weight. I eat things like chicken, mutton, and vegetables most of all. My diet keep changing. When I was a little kid, I just can eat burger and bread. I can't take rice and I fast a lot. 

Not being an ass but little kid at that time eat according to what they feel right for their tummy. Then I consumed vegetables when we were facing financial problems, when I turned to be a follower of lord Buddha. It does affect me, influencing my eating habit and I found that Mahatma Gandhi had also forced his son to be young vegetarian. I begin to fast again when I was an undergraduate too and Amir whom was my close friend did called me a "Zombie" when he texted other friends but mis-send it to my phone, ahahahahaa. I read Gandhi's book titled Swagraham while I was in Thailand. I sweat a lot too though I am just a skinny guy. 

Now growing old I am thinking about health always. It is my concern day by day because I am going to need it in the future and for worship. It is also the advise of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. I always remember what they say to people and trying to follow advises of teachers.

I checked few blogs including video blogs about diet. Some of them had set up the time for about 9 weeks to gain weight. In a guy's video blog, he briefly mentioned of taking 5 g creatine and three protein drinks. For nine weeks he had these diet which has been divided into breakfast, late morning, noon, mid noon, evening, bedtime. Seems boring and disgusting... He said we need to force it down in first week.


two scoops of whey protein, one banana, 100 g oats, tablespoon of peanut butter mixed with 400 ml water and blended.   

Late Morning

Four peanut butter sandwiches with brown granary bread, natural yoghurt and piece fruit.


200 g of chicken, brown rice, some vegetables, protein drink. I am not sure what kind of protein, maybe something which consist protein in it. Maybe I should contact the guy and ask him. 

Mid Noon

Bowl of pasta, tuna, peas, sweetcorn, cheese, and any chicken tonight sauce. 


Jacket potato with tuna or cottage cheese.

Bedtime Shake

Whey protein with milk and half tub of cottage cheese. It's good for slow digestion.

Got to close eyes at grocery bills, ahahahaa.... I ran few rounds at our hostel. Lazy to go out to the running track. Then I climb the stairs and some push up in room. Feeling like carrying a crane on my mass. I read some stuffs about exercising and methods to do some physical work up. I've heard that Yoga is not legal according to national fatwa council so I try not to perform it as not to contradict our belief and faith. I am finding other alternatives such as secular ones. I know few asannas (postures) as I was exposed to Hindus' philosophies. Also Hindu/Indian herbs for medication I am actually good in it as I read Hindu scriptures. Well, actually Buddhism as it is also mentioned in some Dhyana (Zen) or Yogachara school of Buddhism for chapters of Tapah (meditation). I usually have nothing to show to people. But sometimes I must remind myself that I should use whatever I have to bring benefit back for myself. If not I will forget it.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, piece and love, amin!

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