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How This Era Resembles Jesus a.s Era?

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I would like to talk about how this era resembles the era of Jesus a.s the son of Mary. Many Muslims love to talk about him when talking with the Christians or his followers or worshipers, ain't ya? It's like a glory for both Christians or Muslims if they succeed in turning one from each others' faith into one of them, lol. We are talking about faith and it is not an easy or a thing which could be changed like shirt. It involves heart and soul which I found that most people could not easily understand this.


Now why I ask this question to myself? As to say, being born in a Muslim family and being educated in masjid system does not mean that we could go through easily or respected by people around who share the same faith as us. Allah tests us with all sorts of things and somehow it also takes away our faith in Allah because the guidance and mercy is within His Will and Power. It is not human-being rights. Human-being and creatures only have the ability to pass the message to others. Whether people accept it or not it is His Will as He decreed everything in His records at His glorious Throne.

How Does This Period Resembles the Period of Jesus?

Back to the question, how does it resembles the era of Jesus son of Mary? I don't know if my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam are also reading the Bible which consists of the Old and New Testaments because many people could now just quote everything from people who give talks in seminars or talks. I keep Bible in my room and always bring it together with me together with my Quran. I read it side by side with my glorious Quran where I would keep Saturday as the day where I revise and memorize my scriptures whether Quran or Bible. In New Testament especially the canonical gospels, roughly we could see the division of society into school of thoughts during the period of Jesus a.s was around. 

There were the Parushim, the Sadduqim, and the heathens who were the Roman colonizers. Heathens were not Jews but gentiles. Both Parushim and Sadduqim believe in Allah as their Lord. I sometimes can't help myself feeling very sad and irritated when I heard my fellow Malay brothers or other nation brothers do not even know or sensitive about the people of the past but simply answering that Jews were worshiping Satan or idols when being asked. Come on! These people were the people of the past which also means they are my brothers of the past. If they worship Satan, would it also means that Jesus a.s is a Satan worshiper? He is a Jew who speaks in Aramaic and in Quran he is mentioned as calling people to worship Allah. How do I know this? I read about him in the Quran. The sins of the brothers in the past are the reflection to our sins today. While we simply saying things that we don't even know like this people are sinners and that person are sinner, this Jew or Christian is sinner infidels, do we ever try to scan our heart? Are we free from our daily sins? From our evil thoughts? Are we holier than the people that we labeled with this and that? Whatever Allah says in Quran actually refers to us, Muslims. Not to others. 

I thought that religious studies do not need the usage of mind to think and we were not respected because we do not use our brain and only know how to memorize things. We will never get job and will only be waiting for the akhirat (hereafter) because we are not functional in the earth as compared to others who are more competitive and skilled. Those who were asked were of diverse education background and some of them were from religious schools but not from Sharia stream. They were of Secular streams which are of Science streams and etc. I am not here to be prejudice to those who studies physics, chemistry, biology or etc related to secular sciences I have no time to be envious to them because I recognize differences in people ability and interests. They are all fardhu kifayyah (necessities) but Shariah is fardhu 'ain (obligation) of every human-being as it is our life. The ones who were the victims of prejudice is actually us, the Sharia students. We didn't get any support even from religious schools administration too and I was so disappointed when I (and my classmates) were looked down to the level of animal because we were Shariah students when we were young teenagers. What we had done to people around? Just because Muslim brotherhood party, everyone is stereotyping us. I had been the most open-minded person as compared to those Science stream students and the most tolerant person even non-Muslims would never do what I did :'(   

The difference between the Parushim and Sadduqim is that the Sadduqim do not believe in the Resurrection of the death. Usually the Sadduqim were the Jew ulamas in the government and they were supported by the aristocratic Jews who favor Hellenization and Greek pagan culture. While the Parushim were the religious teachers among commoners. Paul of Tarsus was a Parushim Jew before he become a follower of the Christ and working with Yusuf Bar Naba (Joseph the son of prophet). The teacher of Paul of Tarsus, Rabban Gamaliel bin Sham'un bin Hillel was a Parushim Jew and was sympathetic to the followers of Christ and poor people.  

Noble prophet, Jesus a.s was also siding with the Parushim and never with the Sadduqim but sometimes his words were twisted and misunderstood by people around who do not understand what is between the lines. The Parushim were the people who rebelled against the Roman colonizers in Jerusalem. They revolted many times with the Syrian Greeks and Roman colonizer government since after the exile to Babylon. After the succeed of Maqavim revolt, the Jews had managed to gain back their power in Judea and begin to clean the teachings of prophets and Moses a.s from the taints of Hellenization. Maqavim actually means the Hammer which refers to the act of Jew army destructing pagan temples and cleaning villages from idolatry. The people revolted because they were angry with the intruders who forced them to defecate the sanctuary for the Lord and they were forbidden from worshiping Allah. Among the figures involved were Matityahu bin Yukhanan. He was a village religious and spiritual leader and he killed a Hellenized Jew who stepped to worship Greek gods and because his village was forced to worship Greek gods, he attacks the Greek officers. His act had caused him to seek refuge in the wilderness with his five sons and other villagers around. They begin to launch guerrilla attacks on the government.                            

What Jesus a.s had faced with people at his time is just like what happened nowadays. People who were the Jews were the people who profess the faith to Allah. They were divided into parties and school of thoughts. Each of them thinking that they were correct one while others are wrong. There were people who claimed themselves as Parushim but their heart were not clean and pure. What does this mean? It means that people who only physically looks like an 'ailom (religious teacher) but they have no faith in their selves. I had this experience. This is not to humiliate others na'udzubillah but I would like to emphasize that we should never judge people from their appearance, attire or status. I found that the ustad who lives in front of my old quarter was snobbish and when I try to shake hand with him, he just pretend like I was not exist in front of him. I didn't say anything because my mother admired him as he is an ustad graduated from al-Azhar in Egypt and an imam. His wife is an Egyptian lady and his children were also our friends. He is now married to a Malay woman and now he has second wife. That is his family problem not ours. But to say, he is quite a figure in society but he is also flirting with other women. My second sister also told me that he tried to flirt with her but luckily though she is a spinster she never take any advantage on people. Now, everybody in few quarters already know about that figure. I could just see people's inside without talking to them. We just look at few criteria mentioned in scriptures and I am sorry brothers and sisters around if I sometimes behaved strangely because I am scanning people and teaching myself lessons. Last time when second sister was a IIUM undergrad student, her lecturer from Iraq also tried to flirt with her while he is already married. It shows that though people are knowledgeable, it is not guaranteed that a person will be granted with sincerity toward Allah or with faith. For poor people like us, we usually pray to Allah to grant us with sincerity so our knowledge would never be our enemy in the hereafter.

Arriving at My Room             

So, this is among my thought before I go to sleep. Just arrived in USM and the Plusliner bus that I took had encountered an accident in Tapah. The guy who slept until his head leaning on my shoulder was quite funny, lol. When a car bumped at the bus tire, the bus was like jumping a bit and his hand was flying all over maybe he was shy that he slept on my shoulder. I don't mind people make me their pillow, hahaha. I just stop other buses on the highway and only stopped at Butterworth. I should arrived in Sungai Nibong terminal but because of the accident I only reached Butterworth. After the ferry, I just took a taxi and the taxi driver is a Penangite Malay. I guess he is a supporter of Malay Nationalist Party when he asked me about the national study loan of PTPTN and the mob by students of Sultan Idris College in Perak. I am not a Malay and I am quite offended when people assuming me a Malay and later asking me to think like them. But luckily I know how to think like a Malay because most of our people were also absorbed into Malay Nationalist Party although some of them were hypocrites who had taught Indian Muslims to be like them. I just answered him like what he wanted to hear, hahahaha. I don't care about politics. Politicians could go to hell. You people had victimized us before and I won't support any of YOU regardless what party you are! The Malay driver uncle didn't give me any discount too and his taxi fare is quite expensive for such a short journey from jetty. It was about RM20. In the beginning he asked me to pay him RM25, then he lowered it to RM22. I thought that he would lowered more the price for a "Malay" but I guess the fare is expensive. He didn't use meter and I found that taxis in Penang never use meter. I wanted to make complain to Penang government regarding this and see how they react. After Maghrib prayer service when I just finished with the replacement prayer services salaam for 'Asar and Dzuhr because I think that I didn't perform them nicely, two Tabligh member suddenly appeared beside me. They asked me whether I was free to join their majlis in other hostel. I just can't rise because I need to finish with ma'thurat and asking forgiveness from Allah on my sins for not properly conducting prayers while in the journey. I don't know why people could not come to me at my room but approaching me in musalla? They know where is my room. I am not going to eat them I just don't like people to see me while I am talking with Him!   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love amin!     

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