Monday, 27 February 2012

Thai 101: Some Words

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Feeling bored looking at academic writings. It feels like looking at thorn bush and it pokes out our eyes... So I make this post for Thai language because it is my second language the same like Chinese. Sometimes I speak Chinese with smattering of Thai words other than Arabic and Persian terms, hahaha.

Lets see what I could still remember because haven't speak in this language for long and most of Thai postgraduate students here are from Patani so perhaps they don't like the language of the Yunnanese tribal ethnics who were expelled by the Mongols from Nanchao or Northern Thai and later subduing them, hahaha. They were natives of Southern China and there are still people who are related to them in Southern China. Thai language began to spread Southern to the area of the Malays in 12th century, during this period some Malays had adopted Islam as their religion and some still maintain Buddhism as their religion. These Buddhist Malays still exist in Thailand and in our state they are classified as Siamese which means the people of the Siamese empire of the past.


Lothiep bicycle
Lot car
Motosai motorcycle
Rong rian school
Rong ahaan restaurant
Rong payaban hospital
Hong nam toilet
Ban house
Mooban village
Kluwei banana
Nam water
Nam ron coffee, hot water
Nam Cha tea
Cha 'O' lieang plain cold tea
Nam man fat, oil
Pra fish
Kon khai patient
Moh doctor
Nang movie
Masayid masjid
Lammod salat


Kin eat
Dem drink
Lap sleep
Pai go 
Mah come
Pak bring
Long come down
Khern climb up
Rian learn
Leng speak
Roo know
Aau take
Ee want
Chiew urinate
Khee poopin'

This is just like a revision. Thai dialects are among the topic of my discussion with my ex-colleague and close friend during our undergraduate which is Amir since that guy is a Thai Malay from Jitra and his family use Thai as their mother tongue though they are Malays. We always talk about our dialect where I don't know if they are related to Thai but I think most of all they are just the same in sound but with different words, hahahaha. Quite easy because our state and Thailand provinces are just close neighbors to each other, many of us could also speak in each others' languages.

Brothers and sisters may use them when going to Thailand. Some of these are actually Southern Thai dialect. If I am free or words pop up in my head I would just put dump them here in the site cause I'm lazy to open up many sites for specific things. I don't know why some people love to think negatively to Thailand or Southern Thai region. If people enter the area with evil intention I'm sure the outcome would be evil. But if we enter with manner and good intention, the result would also be good. I feel more comfortable in Thailand than in Malaysia.  

Tabligh Jama'at brothers who wanted to perform da'awat in Thailand or recruiting members are advised to make sure you learn at least rudimentary Thai as to avoid problem with Thai authority especially when you're alone. It's not difficult especially high Thai language consist of Sanskrit terms just like Hindi and other Indian sub-continent languages. I had seen this pronlem before and I tell you, this is very important though looks fussy. They don't really speak in English especially when entering areas like Southern Thai. Chinese would be helpful because there are Chinese community in the cities like in Bangkok and in Northern Thailand but it would be better with Thai as it is related to dealings with public authority.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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