Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Simplify the Daily Obligatory Prayer Service

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I feel so relieved after checking with a jurist about prayer service being simplified and they told me according to my school of jurisprudence. In Arabic we call it as jama' and qasar. Because I would have a class on Monday at the time where it could affect my Dzuhr prayer service and I can't find any place to perform salat. 

I can't suddenly perform salat anywhere because I had seen this happened in a bus where an uncle had performed optional salat in Rapid Penang bus when I was an undergraduate student and everyone in the bus including Muslims ringing the bell and get down from the bus because they think that the uncle was nutty.

The daleel came from Imam Nawawi rahimahullah who mentions that we could perform the prayer simplification if we are occupied and afraid that we might skip the prayer service. It is according to the sunnah where our noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w had also simplified his prayer service while he was in Medina due to that he was occupied but he was not in travel. However the jurist mentioned that we should not make it a habit but it is just a rukhsah (special authorization) for us in order to be in contact with our Lord if there is a necessity to do that.

The Hanbali school mentioned that it is permissible to perform the jama' and qasar in the time where one is busy with his task or when being too occupied. Urmm, I think that I would still perform the qadha (accomplished) salat once I finished my class but if the case that I missed the Dzuhr prayer service because the class ends late then I would simplify and gather the services in one salat service which is in 'Asr prayer service time. Then I would perform it again in full. I am also doing that for my optional prayers that I had skipped because I can't be a qualified spiritual leader for salat services if I skip all of those optional prayer services beside the obligatory ones.

This is from Sunnah sources and not from Shi'a jurisprudence (I have the same respect to Shi'a jurists). Next time I will check the detailed description about the Sunnah from jurists again beside asking for the number of references for me to check inside the Sunnah kitabs of my school of jurisprudence. An advice for myself, please don't skip salat because it is the way we show Him how much we love Him and devoted to Him.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!  

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