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Science of Pillars of Islam: Obligation to Study the Path

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Tomb of our noble father, prophet Abraham a.s - Hebron

We return to this science because it is very very important yet crucial. It is obligatory for every Muslim to study about their own path. Those who neglect it will be sinful. This is the order of the path as what has been generally mentioned by noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w: "Getting the knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim."

Other than that, it is obligatory for every Muslim to ma'arifatullah. What is this term means? It means knowing Allah or the God. Learning about His characteristics which bring everyone to confidence. It has been explained in the Zubad: "Early obligatory on human-being is to know their Lord as possible as they can."

Another explanation from the sermon of Habeeb Tahir bin Hussain mentions: "Be known to you dear brothers and sisters. Indeed the root and branches of religion is to know whom should we direct our worship to before we perform acts of worship. And that is the fact of the testimony of faith."

It is almost similar to an officer who works with the employer or his boss. The employer gives him his wages for the job. When he do his task, he should also know what is his job about, its rule and regulation and its specification. The Lord is our Boss. He gave us sustenance which is His grace in term of air for us to breath, minerals in the earth for us to stay sustainable (one of my current institution getik's mottos is sustainability, lol), natural resources, and etc for creatures to do a job for Him which is to worship Him and to glorify Him. 

If we know the interpretations of the testimony of faith, we should also know the Lord. And everyone should also aware about the jazam on the rightful with evidence which is rational with evidences and their explanations.

Definition of Jazam

This is the definition according to the science of usool. It means the strong faith or the faith without doubt. According to today's terminology, it means a firm faith, strong with a basis and without any compromise. Jazam also means unanimous and final decision. 

Division of Jazams 

Division of jazams refer to four types of people regarding their attitude toward their knowledge and sciences regarding the path. I am not sure how to clearly explain about these but one needs to ask their teachers and clerics regarding these terms. Find the right ones and not those who are like the 'scriptures on the donkey' although they look like a cleric. In certain creed science books, the terms are quite ambiguous because of the language style used are backward. We have to update those kitabs in term of language style too. Using simple words and checking compatible terms especially in modern languages such as modern English and according to the field such as the law.

1. Ma'arifa 

Ma'arifa refers to a person who knows and realize that he knows about these particular sciences. He is a specialist in his field of knowledge and is not stingy with his knowledge. Instead he shares it with others since he knows the obligation and his responsibility to spread the knowledge or science about the Lord in the society who needs it. This person does not associate his knowledge with money or materialism. He only teaches it for His sake and not to make a living. This is the type of human which refers to past imams that we learned about some of them in our schools or in our fellow brothers' and sisters' sites. The Lord says in glorious Quran surah al-Baqara verse 41 which means: "...never change My verses with lower price, and only to Me should you be dependent!!!" This type of person is represented by minority of people in the earth.    

2. Taqlid Shaheed

A person who knows but he does not realize that he knows about the Lord. Maybe he knows that he is aware about the Lord, but due to few problems he does not know how to use his knowledge and could not spreading it widely. There are few factors or reasons which lead to these such as occupied, financial problem, didn't given the chance by people or environment around. But if given the chance, having sufficient financial support and his worldly occupation being loosen up that he could benefit society with the wisdom and knowledge that he posses.   

3. Jahel Murakkab

I always heard this term, hahaha. In Malay it is used to mean bodoh nak mampos but the definition according to the science is slightly different if without the twice word. This is actually a tasawwuf science term but not many are aware about this and using it even in daily speeches without knowing the definition. It refers to double ignorance. He is ignorant and aware that he is ignorant. He is humble with his ignorance and asking others who are more knowledgeable than him. This kind of person always attend the sciences lecture in masjids. He is easy to accept advises, listening to others and is open toward criticism on his ignorance. This kind of person needs to only learn more and his ignorance will shy away. 

4. Taqlid Bateel

This refers to an ignorant person who is not aware that he is ignorant. If he has an assumption, he would treat it as his faith without checking it with others who are more knowledgeable than him. It also refers to a civilian who is ignorant and refuses to accept his ignorance or stupidity. Noble prophet Jesus a.s mentions this as ahmaq or in rudimentary word means stupid! Many tasawwuf specialists use the word Jahel Murakkab twice to refer to this type of person since he is ignorant in term that he has no knowledge in certain science and he is ignorant because of his attitude. In the easiest way to explain this, he is stupid but he thinks that he is a smarty ass. This type of person is in the majority of society in the world and they could easily being influenced by rumors or fake news like what we always read in comments in youtube or other sites by those who call themselves as anti-Islam or Western civilization ass-wipers. It is not only unique to these people but there are also these kind of people in Muslim society as well as other society in the world. Those fanatics are in this group of person. Sorry for some rude words as it is easier to explain in street way of talking, haha.


Next time insha Allah we would learn about the definition of daleel or evidence according to our path sciences. There are also definitions for taqlid, fanaticism and taqlid bateel/jahel murakkab twice. When we look around, watching TV programs like forum in Western medias, accusations of political parties on each other, quarrels between Muslim denominations or movements and etc... We could see all of these and compare it what we get from this division of jazams.     

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!  

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