Monday, 20 February 2012

Last Sem Registration - Settled

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Language Center - Pic pinjam from Prime Time with Aleph Prime tak kuasa nak snap pics in the dealing times

Praises be to Allah, I had settled the registration for the beginning of semester. I don't borrow from PTPTIPU (national loan for students) but borrowing from fama (father n mother) and third sister's loan. I had already said that I am going to pay the loan of parents and sister's so it should be like what I had earlier said no matter what happen or even if they refuse it. A Muslim with noble morality must be firm with his words.

How do we register as a postgraduate candidate without any scholar or loan? The registration for my major class has been done since last week's Friday. I had to abandon Friday Ziyarat after Jumu'ah and Saturday Salam benediction rituals in the evening with salawat to prophet Muhammad s.a.w as the seal of prophethood. I wish Allah forgives me because I was so occupied and I took hold with the sayings of noble prophet Jesus a.s who mentioned that human is not to be the slave and servants of the day but submitting to Him. I just print out the payment slip which already stated the name of the recipient and its account number. I took out the amount of money RM580 for payment from the ATM machine at CIMB bank and taking the number. Waiting there patiently beside an Iranian guy who behaved like a macho man... his mouth stinks, na'udzubillah bukan nak nak mengata just a negative thinking, hehehe... So, it was settled since last week. I am still not done with the monthly hostel payment for February so tomorrow I would go to the treasury and pay so I could feel at peace.

Today, I have to register foreign language class again since I had dropped the earlier German class. It was a rusty language and I found that it's like a barbarian tongue. I better learn Arabic, Sindhi, Farsi, Aramaic or Kurdish as compared to German. They are more useful for me. I just took Spanish and I met my Spanish level I teacher there again, Miss Ummu. She's quite cool today as compared to when in classes maybe because of the nice positive morning air, haha. However, the teacher for my level now is a Spaniard girl could I say. She seems pretty but I'm not talking about her in a horny way it's a sin, hahaha. She's just pretty that's all and her name I guess is Maria Rosario. Who cares, as long as I can finish this thesis and get the hell out of this place I would be very glad and relieved. First I had to fill the form for BJIM students which refers to the International Studies Postgraduate students as our pointer will not be counted even if we've got failed in the paper. It's just a requirement paper as long as we sit for the final test we can get our degree and certification. After the payment at the CIMB bank, I went back to the Language Center building and getting the receipt as the prove of payment and registration.

I think this is better because I know how much that I had spent for studies through receipts that I keep with me. I could also manage to pay back to people without interests. I don't have to burden my country and tax payers but just burdening my parents and sister for few moment. I don't take any scholar or MyBrain support by Higher Education Ministry because I have my own philosophy which people could not easily understand because they love to be supported by government. After this I'll become a tax-payer, it is the government who will owe me and not me who owe them anymore because I would be free after I finish my undergraduate loan payment. It makes a lot easier for me to claim in the hereafter before Him to those who do not believe in the Pillars of Faith and Path because Judgement Day is not coming yet and it is not visible to people's eyes, haha. I just borrowed around RM9000 for undergraduate and it covers the whole three wasting years in the university just to get a name as a university graduate. As for me, I don't care about people status even if a person is a farmer or a raw meat or vegetable suppliers at the market. As long as a person is humble and happy with his life it would be the greatest grace ever granted by Allah to us because we could concentrate on our worship and seeking knowledge to be His real servant. What is the pride by being a scholar student? Nothing... Because Allah would never asks us about that in the Judgement and we would have a big trouble in managing the time to know Him so I would rather giving the opportunity to others to grab the chance if they wanted to.... : )

We begin the class right away at 14:00 but I was late to the class because of Dzuhr prayer service. I am thinking to ask jurists about salat service whether I could simplify my salat with Jama' Ta'akhir and later perform it again after 'Asr prayer service. It's better than not performing any prayer service at all because I would feel accursed and guilty for the whole year if I leave the salat without any reason. Have to record today's notes from the class because it's European Crack-Head Economy and I am not from that background, huhuhuuu.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!       


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