Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Dream which Makes Me Anxious

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I am not good or any specialist in dream interpretation or anything. In fact I don't like mysteries or mystical stuffs. However last few nights I dreamed something which makes me feel anxious until now... This kind of dream will always appear in my sleep when I sleep early because I am exhausted due to some heavy activity like walking the whole day. I rarely have dreams since I can't really close my eyes when I sleep at night. When we are too anxious about something which is not certain, we can't really close our eyes and become easily exhausted but we don't know what makes us exhausted. It is very torturing. I had discussed this with Amir when I contacted him asking him about his experience. He told me about anxiety disorder which is also related to trauma and psychological matters. I can remember the dream because I will recall it back when I wake up and they are rare. 

It's not a dream about any particular person but something which is related to body part and it is bleeding. I am not going to talk about what is it here because I don't want people to be involved in speculations. It is not a good thing for everyone. Before my grandparents went away from this world I also feel something weird where I feel windy even in the house. I had dreams which involves this body part but I never think anything special about dreams because I only regard them all as something to do with our life experience or psychological in its meaning. I am worried about people who are close to me. It could be family member, brothers or sisters in faith or anyone who are close to me. However, I strongly feel that this would involve someone very very close which is family member... I don't have courage to ask anyone about this. Now I noticed about the errors in pilgrimage we made and also have a dream which makes me anxious. Also an incomplete thesis which needs to be entirely submitted by April. In this case, only Allah can help me.   

Ya Allah please help me don't take anyone that I love away from me. Give everyone the chance to know You, to repent to You and to be obedient to Your commands... Anything that You decree dear Lord, please make it beneficial for everyone. We poor creatures have no power to change anything. Only You are the One who is rightful on Your Will and Decree. Please help us to receive Salvation dear Allah only in You we trust and depend! :'(

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!  

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