Saturday, 21 January 2012

Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life: Introduction

In the Name of the God the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate!

Sometimes, when we are facing difficulties in life we tend to forget about the God too. This is true because I did faced this and lost faith to the God. Even nowadays, I still feel so useless until it makes me feel so filthy that I could not even face people's face. After I returned from pilgrimage, this book is one of the books provided by the Ministry of Da'awa, Endowments, and Guidance Affairs of Saudi to me. It's title is the Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life by Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Nasir as-Si'dy

It has eight chapters altogether. I read this book when I feel so restless and hapless last time and trying to keep it going but each time many obstacles also come thus I have to be patient. Recently I feel the same especially when I see people returning home for holiday without having to think about what will happen in the next semester. Maybe I think like that but who knows maybe they are also struggling. We just look at the exterior part of people's life but never their inner part of life. So what we physically see is our perception on them. It could be wrong or could be right and it depends on situation of individuals. I am also not excluded from this kind of attitude. So, I must be very careful with the environment around.  As I had also sometimes feel my faith being tested, I must also punish myself. So, I punish myself to type this may I memorize it by heart and soul. Moga terpasak kunci dalam hati dan rohani kita, inshaallah!

We actually wanted to have a peaceful life. As for me money and everything is always a burden but when we have no money how could we operate our life? So, I also think that I am involved in polytheism when I came to this question because I associate the power to be able to live with materials, may Allah forgives me my sins on questioning His Power and Strength over weak creatures. Let us see what is the view of this Sheikh about how we could gain happiness in life? 


Praise belongs to Allah, to Whom all praise is due. We bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad s.a.w is His slave and messenger. May peace and blessings of Allah reaching him, his family and companions.

There is no doubt that the bliss of the heart, its tranquility and happiness, and the absence of grief and worry from it is the goal of every person. It is the means by which a happy, blissful and excellent life is achieved. There are means to achieve this which are:

1. Religious
2. Natural
3. Physical

These means are never gathered together except to believers. Non-believers on the other hand, despite of the earnest endeavors of their philosophers is to lead them to these means, even if they achieve them in certain aspects, they still miss the way to them in several other aspects that are more beneficial, permanent, and better in yielding the result. 

The Sheikh mentions in the treatise the ways and means to achieve the lofty goal which is desired by everyone. Some people are successful in these ways and therefore live a good and pure life. They enjoy their life. Some woefully fail in following them so they live a wretched and miserable life. Others lie between these two extremes; by the level of their following these means, by that level they live a good life. And it is Allah that guides to all that is good. He wards off all evil and it is His assistance that we seek in this.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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