Saturday, 21 January 2012

CNY 2012: Georgetown III


Wat Thammikara, Burmese Temple

This one is Myanmar Buddhist temple. I had been here last time and experienced being locked because the time was out. However, some pictures were lost. Many tourists inside whether they are Buddhists themselves or Muslims. I meet few Sri Lankan and Iranian Muslims as well in the temple snapping here and there. Two monks at the statue are ready for blessings. Another one is in the hall. This one is in the sala a pavillion at the side of other hall. Monks could speak English as compared at the front one.

These statues representing Buddhism in countries like Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Iran, Cambodia, Thailand, and etc.

Carp fish pond

Pavillion of Buddhist saints

Depiction of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha life

Many migrants from Myanmar staying behind the temple. It has a hostel for travelers and they prepare donated foods not only for monks but also for travelers.  

Wat Jayamanggalaram, Thai Temple

This place is popular with reclining Buddha. Behind the reclining statue, there are boxes to keep ashes of the dead. The place to sanctuary those ashes is known as bua which means lotus. I had been here few times before. I don't know what else is so interesting because many places had been explored in Georgetown. Maybe I need to find ecological places or going to war museum as well.

Pulau Tikus

Finished a half day today through this walk. I walked from Jetty and around Komtar to Pulau Tikus. Take the bus from there to the Jetty and changing to return to the campus. It's quite congested today because people in the mood of celebration.

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