Monday, 5 December 2011

Translation of Chinese Verb into Malay

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I had been googling here and there and I found other thing which is not related to current studies but the previous studies. The journal was written by my first degree lecturer which was Mr. Goh. Well, first of all I would like to thank him for giving me and my group of presentation during the second year an A and we appreciate it so much. 

Many students said Mr. Goh is a garang (fierce) lecturer but I think that it is silly to assume that because we were first degree students and degree students around 20-23 years old were kids but not all of those kids are "kids" in thinking and mind. And I had not telling the truth that I am interested in translating and interpreting field when I was scolded by Dr. Lee and Tuk Din Uban for not attending the model's seminar. I feel bored listening to British educated old man talking about his granddaughter in Washington D.C and transcribing records of old English song. I don't like all of those songs and perhaps they didn't expect that an Islamic Center oriented student is in their classes, hehehe.

Maybe I should keep this for the next step of translating stuffs like Islamic Morality and Shariah books into Chinese to prevent crimes and sins. Because languages could be very dangerous as what I had learned in our principles during our introduction courses by Dr. Haslina and Dr. Hasuria.

I hope those lecturers who scolded me and received my protest letter have no bitter feeling anymore. Who told them to scold me out of nothing because I could be a monstrous guy if people show injustice to me or anyone. I was not the one who influenced other students to avoid their seminars and I was only an individual. Other students who didn't agree but still goes and not showing up their protests are cowards because the seminar was not apart of the program in course outline, that's all. I have to change my areas of studies and now is struggling to find political issues in European continent which is not my continent to read for my dissertation.

I had sent my apology to them and also cards before I graduated but I didn't receive the same thing from teachers for example Tuk Din Uban. Actually our education system is quite monotonous where teachers expect students to respect them but they show no respect to students. We treat people like we wish people to treat us - Lord Buddha Gautama Siddarth. Urmm, all of these materials are for Chinese to Malay. Where should I find the guide for Malay to Chinese or Arabic to Chinese?

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love!

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