Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tips on Memorizing Quran: Brother's Experience I

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Urmm, just a motivation for myself, haha. I also encourage brothers and sisters to memorize Quran. I regret my sisters are 'quite' stubborn. I cry for them every night and it's not easy to be only brother among sisters. I give supplication books not only to my friends but also to people at home pleading everyone to help me (actually help themselves). Dad is already an old man. It's not easy for an old man to memorize stuffs so we should benefit our time while we still have the opportunity. I just advise dad to recite whatever surah that he is able to recite and I praise the God because dad listens to me. Since he was attacked by strokes I always feel worried about him. Mum is also reciting the Quran and she would follow me if she saw me doing certain things but I advise her to also consult teachers and tell me whether I performed anything correctly. We could get along well only with Quran. Other than Quran, it is volatile kabooom... LOL. 

Well, at least mum tries to recite the Quran. I want everyone to receive Salvation from the God. Not only for myself since I am also not sure whether I could save my self or else. So, that's why when I see anyone that I see having the potential, I will expound whatever that I have in myself to them. Maybe some of them feel weird but I don't care if they don't understand it. It's not for me, but for my brothers and sisters which pragmatically refers to them, haha. I am not an easy friend and I don't talk with people easily as to say because it could be 'harmful'.

This brother has a good advise too regarding the Glorious Quran. His way to memorize is almost the same with mine. I use the method of listening and writing as well. I prefer listening to medium speed recitation. I am trying to save other videos from sisters and sheikhs as well as to see how they manage to memorize the Glorious Quran. Anyone passing by who are interested can also contact them by clicking their name as I put the link for their video in it. The video is not mine and I claim no right but credits to video maker. 

I purposely do this as to make sure everyone being connected from East to the West and North to South beside I can watch these in bus while returning home or going anywhere, hehe. May His sakinah (tranquility) descends upon all of the creatures. I don't know this is wrong or not. I envy those who fully memorized the Glorious Quran and practicing with it. I don't wish anything bad to them because I "love" them and I will kick those who hurt them if I see it as the effect that I "love" them. I feel bad for my self. It takes me long because I have to understand the verses that I memorize. I wish Quran to be my companion even after I return to Him. If I have nothing in this world, just let me have the hope for hereafter :'(

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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  1. Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran those who recite and learn Quran, offer prayers and give Zakaat out of his belongings … they will never fail.
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