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Western Influence: Challenges for Eastern Muslims

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

This is actually a short book written by Mr. Anwar al-Jundy with its translation published in 1983. The Malay translator of the book is Dr. Ishaq Muhammad Rajab. It's Arabic title is التغريب اخطرالتحديات في وجه الإسلام at-Taghreeb Akhtarut Tahaddiaat fee Waghil-Islaam. I would also post some excerpts... I mean simplified excerpts of the chapter that I read about racism in European continent and we could see why people keep contradicting each other. 

This book is written in the period of Western studies of Orientalism and Imperialism where Westerners had colonized lands of the people in the East. The world today is colored with what had happened in the previous time. We could say that this is the initial studies of Occidentalism.

It's just like what Westerners had done to people in the East through their studies about Orientalism which does not only cover Islam but also others like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and others. But most of all they studied about Islam and attack Islam in their so-called 'scholarship' for the reason that their area which is European continent is close to the areas of people who rivaled with them like Turkish empire or the Arab lands where they called Arabs with their narrow generalization of ethnicity as Saracens.

I would also try to bring brothers and sisters in faith attention to translators of Quran from the Western world particularly in Europe where those translators are people involved in Church. How could Church people behave in such a way where they portrayed people whom are not according to their way with negative images and slanders? Examples of them such as George Sale, Ludovici Maracci, Theodore Rodwell, and many others. It shows how intolerant are the Europeans and this is what we in the East should not imitate. These people are just the same like the nowadays non-state actors in political science such as terrorists (which they refer to Muslim) or Taleban. Their thought are just the same. They think that only they are the rightful ones. Where is heart purification and their sincerity toward the God if the God is demanding creatures to live with His Mercy, Peace, and Love? It is also mentioned in the Second Commandment of the God to the noble prophet Moses a.s and mentioned again by the noble prophet Jesus a.s in his Sermon of the Mount.  

This book is divided into four parts:

1. Western Ambition which had Long Dormant 
2. Islam as a Dynamic System of Life
3. Anti-Islamic Values
4. Campaigns and Movement Objective

Biography of the Writer

First, let us see who is this writer of the book? He is Anwar al-Jundiy born in 1917 and he was raised in his hometown in Deirut in Ashyut province in Egypt. He wrote since he was a young teenager. The first writing issued by him is a literature criticism published when he was 21 years old. His writing tends more to bringing society toward charity and chastity according to the value of Islam and what had been taught by the God through Revelation.

He was also imprisoned because of his writing around 1984-1950. The book which makes him being imprisoned entitled أخرج من بلادنا Okhrog min Blaadina which means Get Out of Our Motherland which harshly criticized Imperialism on Egypt.

He is also experienced in journalism, a philosopher and a thinker who tried to expose the hidden agenda of western movements in order to validate their acts of violating others human rights in their own lands. 

His attitude is explained in his statement which says: "Materialism and strong position in journalism will never pay equal price for me to join the traditional parade of famous writers."

Among his other works are:

I. The Unity of Islamic Thinking
II. Youth in Facing Emptiness of Thought and Soul
III. The Errors of Materialism Ideology
IV. The Errors in Current Islamic History 
V. Biography of the Martyr Hassan al-Banna       

I had actually read this book several times. Need sometimes to rephrase for everyone to read in English. I don't know if there are English versions of this book but I would appreciate if anyone came across here could also provide me the link. I am still practicing translation for non-profit purpose. I do not know how to make profits from services and I don't like to take money/anything from others although I am capable to do so. For this job I am doing it only for the God and for the benefit of brethren to reach the God. Whatever that I am studying is not for me but for the God as He is the Central Figure for us : )

I just wish everyone to get together and spend times with everyone that they love besides spreading peace, love and mercy to others through some humble sharing while I am still in this world. I don't know how long will I be alive : )

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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