Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mid Term Break: Acheen Street Masjid

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


Just returned from Tesco. Imagine how cheap stuffs that we bought from the store. I just paid RM12 for Premium BBQ Puff, Chicken Curry Puff, few Cucumber Sushi and a box of Chicken Rice which cost me about RM2. It's better than having meals in restaurant around my hostel here or at mamak restaurant where we pay around RM6-RM7 for a plate of rice and drinks. I walked home through my old hostel which was Aman Hostel, thought of spending some minutes there watching TV but I found that many anak ikan (young guys) are sitting there watching football. Anak ikan, hahahaha... 

I also saw my ex-hostel mate there, Jantr of Pendang and because he never contact me after we graduated in 2009 and he was there in Aman Hostel perhaps looking for his gangs. I think he's working in Kuala Lumpur, maybe he has something up here like seminars that made him spending some time in this "lovely" institution. The time had passed so its enough... No one will stuck in the same place and time but we will move to other places and spaces.

I just walk right away in front of his nose without saying any word as I will only open up my mouth if I feel important. No important thing, no talk. If people wanted to take this as arrogance, go on. I don't care a bit. Sometimes there are some things which make people acting in certain manner. I did called him last time, and also sending texts to most of my friends not only him. I don't care about people status, racial background or even skin tone because I always assume myself as lower than others since the God never look at those physical stuffs but at our heart and sincerity because of Him. If people do not think that it is important, I would just get away from them. At home I also think like that because many times my sisters also asked me assistance and opinions but when I need them, they would stay away. No dependence, no satisfactory, no feeling, nothing except dependence to the God.

Lets see our pics of Acheen Street Masjid with its unique architecture though simple, few minutes before عموديم 'ammudim (dipping for maghrib prayer service) rituals : )

Thursday, 14 Zulhijjah 1432 H (10 Nov 2011) 11:36 am

Acheen Street Masjid a.k.a Malay Masjid


View from the gate

Front view, some Chinese National Type School students are listening to their teacher talking about the history and architecture of the mosque

Traditional style houses of masjid staffs

Modern style houses of masjid's residence

Balcony of the masjid

Wudhu' pool, before entering the prayer hall make sure that we are in state of ablution to respect the Lord of the House

 Prayer hall with the place to deliver sermon which is called as minbar and mihrab

 It wasn't Dzuhr prayer service time yet so we just perform tahiyyat al-masjid salat to respect the Lord of the House

I've got a test tomorrow for the paper that I have to repeat. What can I do, it's already fated so we just go on. I have to read few journals as well and it's difficult to understand. I just want to read my Quran, I am tired and sick of all of these duniya (worldly) matters : (

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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