Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How a Single Guy Deals with Toothache

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

From left: cotton wool. toothache drop, mouth washer, and acti-fast panadol  

Just before we go for bed for the experience of a master degree student, hahaha. I took some dinner around 23:00 after paying for my copies of journals, notes and readings at xerox shop. It costs me around RM27:50 and what can I do... The Chinese family who handle the xerox job are quite hilarious, they had quarreled over the quality of paper. The husband just didn't want to waste the piles because they had done them all the night while the wife just wanted to dump the paper and do it over and over until they've got the good quality xeroxs. Last time I had agreed with the lady to do some binding but never-mind... I just don't care because I need to hurry. I am not a fussy person while time is gold, at least says most books... hahaha. 

Then only, I went for dinner and having some mushroom fried rice and a glass of orange juice all for about RM5 at those Thai restaurants. I thought of ordering some vegetables but I am afraid that they would put seafood like squid or anything related to it. So, it would be safe to order something which is vegetarian. While chewing the food I felt so painful in my mouth and I just realized that I had some injury in my mouth. I don't think that my toothache but it is related more to gums and area around the wall at the cheek felt like torn down at the end of the molars. Perhaps I had committed sins with my mouth that I have this pain. Lately I had been late to musalla and even masjid because of studies so I might turned to be an evil creature. I must recite more intensely the Quran to get rid of evil so that it won't harm me in the future. We take this as a test from the God to test our faith. A servant without tests and tribulations are like empty bags.

After dinner, I went to 7E convenient store and buying those stuffs in the picture. All of them costs me around RM18, quite expensive because it is a convenient store. Not a plain one as those plain ones were closed. I just felt like I wanted to cry out loud when I chew my food. I didn't eat properly since few weeks. Just having some plain bread and biscuits. Even when I met my classmate Siva, she said that I became more skinny than ever. Well, I hate people to sympathize me. But I can't hide my face when I see those whom I know. Usually I would avoid the way when I see people whom I know but when it happens so sudden I can't really avoid but just talking with them. I don't know whether this is called as social anxiety but I am just afraid of sin. It's not because I feel uncomfortable with myself. I could be myself all I want according to situation.

So, this is another experience of a lone ranger dealing with pain. How's respective brothers and sisters deal with toothache? Any suggestions? Or should I just go to clinics? I hate clinics and hospitals, hahaha...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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