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Misconception About Islam

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

FoxPorn News from Thrash Can Mind of Porn Crazed Media Developer. Hot babe anyone? LOL

I just came back from a talk held at USM Dewan Kuliah A which began at 21:00 pm. I did noticed the fliers and posters of the talk but I had forgotten it. I am actually trying to observe Saturday holy day which is an individual custom but it is not as strict as our Israelite brethren (the Ahli Kitab) where they are attached to Rabbinical Halachic Law. I just follow the basic ones to respect the God and prophets of the God in which we remember the God, learn about scriptures, Quran and other religious texts more excessively today and it begins since after I return from Friday Assembly prayers every week. We are not being 'the slave of the day,' but servants and slaves of the True God. We love and must only devote ourselves to Him with all of our heart : ) 

There were three brothers whom are from Indonesia and from China invited me to join them when I had some drink at the canteen but I had to help Azren with his trust to return his friends' steamboat pan. As he had already asked me for a favor and I agree since he is my brother and friend, so I just help him. Further the girl is also a nice and polite girl so I don't mind to help. The title of the talk was on 'Misconception about Islam by non-Muslim' audience delivered by brother Lim Jooi Soon and the talk was organized by Hidayah Center, Pulau Pinang.

Urmm, not much being discussed in the talk. I don't think that those issues are new issues because we only hear the same lame-ass things in this world since whoever knows. I'm sorry with my rude English, I'm not really a polite person in term of speech but this is how I write or think, haha. That's why some naughty kids actually could mingle around with me, we have some similarities in this term of hostility in speech which is inherited from our great teachers of Hollywood.

The talk basically talks about the misconception among non-Muslims on Islam but the audiences there were mostly Muslims including minority of foreign students. So, questions asked by them only related to Islamic or Arabic names, polygamy, women issues, the concept of divinity, about the image of Islam and others. 

What concern me more actually is about medias, as medias today are not doing anything because of community work or society but only for their own capitalist pockets. So, anything that they think would stir controversy for more rating such as the late al-Awlaki issue banging prostitutes before returning to Islam becomes their head news and without feeling exhausted trying to relate it to the hadith of 72 naked girls at the river in paradise for terrorists (they brand Muslims as terrorists). I don't really believe the news, I'm sorry for being a racist for a moment only to racist bigots, you Caucasians are liars, snakes, and manipulators since antiquities. Suka hati mak bapak lu saja la weii...! 

I don't really believe medias, rumors, or hear says especially bullshits from the US medias such as CNN or FoxPorn News. Even medias in our country or other countries in South East Asia never succeed making me as an individual to right away believe them just after I experienced few things in this life. I believe British news are more transparent though they have both left and right wings medias but as always, people involved with 'academic' field do not always rely on medias but also in individual researches, experiencing around, comparative studies, individual interviews, and others and yet it still could not cover all of things and could be bias. We realize this fact and people who believe in medias are just churning whatever given to them since they could only think with the brain in their big fat ass.

Usually people who totally believe and take everything shown in medias are people who are lazy to analyze matters. They just read anything at the surface and listen to hearsay in which it could be modified, adapted, added, and others since they are the most laziest creatures in the earth. They don't finish their education and never been educated well by their parents. I do not know whether family values is highly appreciated in the US or Western World but what I can see from hundreds of movies made by Americans regardless whether they are Christian bigots who hates everything in this world except for themselves, Secular Jews who don't follow Rabbinical Halachic law, I could see American values.        

The equalization of Islam to Terrorism is a huge ignorance and those who keep telling everyone about that lies are bunch of liars who need attention since they are trying to get people away from the True God who teaches people to esteem high morality, divine civilization and misleading people with the notion and "proves" that they had manipulated with their slanders. When they are doing these, people especially in Asia could only think of that they are rednecks who had no jobs to do other than to hate others and always paranoid that everyone is trying to oppose them since they are the ones who bang chicks and asses. Who ever would first think about that are the ones who do that kind of attitude. They are afraid of that they could not randomly sleep with girls, guys, tasting girls' virgin because that is their popular culture which could also spread diseases to others if not being handled well with proper contraceptives. In the simplest word, stop thinking that people in the other side of the world are the same with you people either in the manner of thoughts or lifestyle! Stop analyzing people according to your low mentality level. Those lesbo or gay connotations, or sexual attribution cultures as expression of dirty minds all came from you people in the West. You are those who only think about dirty things when people come into contact with you. You people introduced World War I and yet trying to divert it to others as those who commit aggression. Don't you people feel any shame?? People who have no shame are people who have no faith. Why should America put the notion of "God bless America" if you behave like people who have no one to depend to? In this case God? Bless it with yourselves. Sure everyone must love their country, it is their home but when we are only full of ourselves, it sure make people around feel nauseated.

In the East, people do not think about genitals each and every hour. That is why we have philosophers like Buddha Gautama, Mahavira, Confucius, Lao Tze, and others who also influenced the world and Western Civilization was only based from Greek and Roman civilizations. Greeks had also been influenced by Buddhism during Hellenistic period and it is an Eastern philosophy. Greeks were also great in manipulating people mind with their speeches.  

What I feel the most annoying is that some Protestant Christian proselytizers never help to curb this kind of ignorance but they burn it more. Is this what Jesus Christ had taught? I hate to talk evil things when it is related to Jesus Christ as I esteem he highly just like other teachers. Is Jesus Christ taught us to slander others though we do not agree with them? I have mingled more with non-Muslim friends compared to people of my own religion, for example brother Martin who was my colleague during working in the airport. He is a Catholic Christian and I never influence him to be a Muslim at all! I could also talk with him without slandering Jesus Christ or teachings he is following with evil thoughts. Before we had meals together, I myself reminded him to recite prayers according to his religious way. I had nice experience with brother Martin and we rest together in musalla discussing many interesting things including about his concern that he was not yet married while he was already 32 at that time. He was also afraid that he would pollute the musalla but I assure him to come in and joining me. I will answer those who ask him if they question him. But so far nobody talk badly to him instead treated him nicely.

I had asked our brother from China and he is amazed with Ahmad Deedat. I didn't want to offend him with my opinion so I just keep my mouth shut. I actually know about Ahmad Deedat, Zakir Naik, and others. The brother is still a young kid though he is taller and bigger than me. I just consider him as my xiao didi (little brother). I also have little sisters and most of time I also talk in normal tone with them with the omission of philosophies, hahaha.

It is not wrong to admire Ahmad Deedat. He is actually a good orator and he deserves recognition though he never ask for that. I believe he is very sincere in his devotion to the God and our faith : ) I prefer not to use the way where the late Ahmad Deedat, may Allah be merciful to him, had used in encountering these kind of people. We need to observe environment and what kind of people we are talking with first then only we could figure out what method or approach is suitable to be used. We do not have to be hostile if the environment and people around are not hostile to us. I am also keeping a King James Bible and Apocryphal texts in my room. I memorized few Psalmers (Zabur) of David in Arabic such as those of repentance to the God. In fact, I can recite it again to proselytizers and translating them to English or Malay and praying for them to be forgiven by the God for being offensive to others : )

However, after I watched FoxPorn News, I could only think that those who were blasted by Ahmad Deedat deserved that. Why he became like that and began to question Bible? In Islam we were actually forbidden to debate or point out about others' doctrine except that in the glorious Quran talking in such manner since it is a Revelation which means it is the Word of the God which flows through Muhammad s.a.w tongue. We only talk whatever is revealed to us and not going beyond the revelation. Ahmad Deedat became so fierce because those arrogant Catholic students in South Africa had ridiculed his teacher which is Muhammad s.a.w. Surprisingly, those evangelists were trained and taught to do so.

Now, we come back to Jesus Christ as a noble figure... How does he taught regarding the manner to deal with others? Leave out the divinity of Jesus Christ arguments because this matter is not lay persons job to think of but take his moral teachings to our consideration... Is there any evidence in New Testament about morality which could enlighten us 'infidels' who will be condemned for not being baptized in certain church or we simply want others to be a non-Muslim by leaving their religion to satisfy ourselves. It shows that we are successful in converting others to our religion? Is it a pride when we can convert someone into our ideology? So that we can boast around in Youtube this person that person had leave Islam or Christianity had founded truth... Others will be doomed... I seriously recommend them to read only some excerpts of honorable Imam al-Ghazali books about diseases of heart. Or if those Christians feel that it would threaten their faith and dogmatic believe, then read epistles in New Testaments. I am sure many things that we can learn in those epistles regarding moralities. I had also listened about Buddha Sakyamuni intercourse and his disciples. How it talks that converting someone into our way is nothing to be proud or to tell to the world : )

I had asked those Muslim students from Indonesia and China whether they had been to churches? Maybe they wanted to see anything inside. They just keep their silence, and response quite coldly, hehehe. I don't believe that those from Indonesia or China could be closed since they might be more open than us. Our country is more conservative than their countries especially those in Malaysian Peninsula. Perhaps they have to be stricter because of their environment surrounded by many influences. I actually could be their guide or helping them to show which place if they wanted to visit. I had been to churches and temples. I don't have to be a Christian to know what Christianity talks about. Christianity never attract me at all, hahahahaha. Proselytizer could walk off from me. No matter how you talk, I do not feel attracted to your religion or faith when you only know how to offend others. 

When I was a young kid, I didn't really follow anyone or anything based from mainstream or popularity. I was a kid who was always curious and I never care about what people wanted to think about me. Sometimes it creates problem to me within a traditional and conservative society. I always question myself at certain time. I was also rebellious where I refused to be a Muslim due to misconception while my family is traditionally Muslim by origin. Only after I analyze Islam, that I know what it is... I don't have to wait for missionaries or teachers to come close to me because I was also educated in Islamic religious schools. Further, if the God wants to Guide us, He will Guide us with His Mercy. Those who are not Guided are actually distressed people. They are out of His Mercy. Poor and sad though they think their life is so popular, mainstream, and lively

In the end, witnessing and observing something in a closer proximity is better than just listening to something or watching it from afar. If we watch snow in the TV, we know that it is cold but we do not know how does the snowy environment makes us feel like being in the original place with snow : )

P.S: I don't know whether the late Anwar al-Awalki had banged prostitute or not. And he had done nothing wrong to me, my beloved state nor my country. I just pray for the God to forgive his soul and place his soul with the righteous if he really is a righteous person. Shameless FoxPorn News does not have to defame a dead person with sexual charges. He will be exposed to everyone if he did something wrong during the Resurrection. Only if the hereafter and the God exist (for them). We despise violence in either way whether by the aggressive West or by Muslims who misunderstood the God teachings of Mercy and Love to the universe : )         

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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