Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cure for Heart: First Book on Seven Parts

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

 It is divided into seven sections... 

First Section on Eyes

Be known to you, your eyes are created for you by the God. They are created for you on both worldly and hereafter purposes. The purpose of eyes which is related to the hereafter is by using them to look at the heaven and sun and moon and stars and the universe. It is as for you to find proofs on His Oneness and His Dominion. Other than that, eyes are beneficial for human to read scriptures, looking at the way to His houses of worship or to lead human to the way to learning institutions.

The purpose and the benefit of eyes for worldly matters are to look at your works and jobs, to release you from whatever will hurt you such as falling into holes or from accidents. Beginning the gratefulness is to protect eyes from looking at what are prohibited and illegal such as looking at others' genital for purpose of pleasure and desire, looking at others' wife or husband and looking at others who are not of your family members. Make it your habit to protect your eyes from unnecessary things.

Says the God in His revelation: "Say (o messenger) to every believers from your views (of unnecessary matters), protect them, and from your genitals, protect them (from illegal acts related to genitals). Protecting eyes and genitals is better for them, indeed the God is very discreet with their acts and deeds." (surah an-Nur verse 30)

The God knows whatever visible or invisible of mortal eyes. He will pay everything being done by His slaves and servants regardless rank or status. So, those in Turkey and Mediterranean areas who kill their daughters or women and consider it as honor killing, be very careful. Those in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan who treat their women like animal and refuse to educate them with religious, scripture and academic education, be very careful! He will pay you people for tyrannizing others without any right, proper judgement and truth or reference to Quran and Sunnah but claiming it as coming from revelation (slandering the God) if you have faith in the God.

This verse teaches the conduct of a noble person and threatening those people who fear not the God with His torments and consequences that will come due to their acts. In teaching morality, the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w was commanded by the God to teach morality and manner and He said to the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w, say to those who believe in the God to close their eyes from those which are illegal according to moral and noble conducts and the God orders His servants and creatures to be attached to good conducts and virtues. It is obligatory on every sane servants and creatures who possess mind and thoughts to uphold the virtues of the God and those who do not uphold this virtues are evil in their manner and deserve to receive punishments, isolation and torments. 

The God commanded His command being heralded to others that beginning good conducts and virtues is to close eyes toward anything illegal, evil and bestial desire and protecting genitals. It is better for you and His blessings will descend upon you. The God ordered us to close our eyes toward illegal matters and protecting genitals from adultery as it is to protect our heart from diseases and sins. It is in order to open up the way for charities and chastity. 

And the God does not threaten people for people to be afraid of Him but it is to protect the civilized human society with His true promises. He knows everything that happen in the universe and He will pay whatever crimes and sins that we had done with torments. If we perform good conducts and virtues, He will reward us with blessings and mercy.

to be continued...

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