Monday, 3 October 2011

Lecture of the al-Hikam

In the Name of the God the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The statement there is no deities other than the God denotes that we only depend on Him. This is also a dzikr or remembrance that we chant after every salat service. When we chant the dzikr, try to analyze the meaning. 

This is just a brief reminder for myself, don't be afraid if the time constraint running over my head if chanting the statement. He is the One who controls the 'time.' And actually I've got nothing much to do, so better concentrate on Him.

When we declare this, we do not depend on other things anymore. When we face problem, is it our friends for us to depend on? Then if we can't depend on friends, to whom should we go to complain and ask help? Going to the police? If police could not help us to solve problems? Where should we go? To religious and pious people asking them for prayers? If pious people can't help us? What can we do? We have to depend to the Highest Authority, which is the God. Why not just right away go to Him by performing salat tahajjud

In Malaysia, let us see whether we are depending to the God or not? How about our Creed? Say for example, we have a virgin daughter. When she wants to get marry, what we would first require or ask? How do we perceive our son-in-law to come? First thing that we would ask maybe, what is his job? Whether he has 'money' or not? How is he going to make our daughter happy if he has no 'money' or if he is poor? Now, we forget one thing, our daughter happiness and prosperity actually depends on the Mercy of the Lord of the universe. 

People will ask about the job to everyone, right? I had experienced this too though I never ask anyone daughter to be my wife. I don't want anything, I don't care about people around since my aim is only to reach Allah, but still there are people asking me this sort of thing including my nephew, who studied with me in the madrasah. So, where is this teaching of no association to the God in our daily speech? Why don't we ask people whether they are in progress memorizing the glorious Quran or not? Whether our in-laws know how to perform salat properly? Nowadays, we could not be free from materialism, aren't us? 

Think again, if we have money or possessions, are we going to be happy? If we have 10 cars, we still have to spend money on maintenance, or perhaps paying the loan buying the car. When we can't pay the loan, the bank will send us letters, court rulings, or maybe someone to threaten and take away our car.  We have possibilities to be affected by hypertension and other health problems.

And then we have no shelter and no one to protect us when death is coming to us. Dang, here it comes again, death cult! Is it only special only to Islam? No wonder many people who loves their enjoyable life hate religion, jah? However, death is a natural cause, even if we don't believe in any deity nor life in the hereafter. Can everyone in this universe live for 1000 of years? Or perhaps being immortal? Until now, I can't find anyone who could live forever. Is it fun to live forever? I had watched a movie which I could barely remember the title of two rivaling women drinking a magic portion, and they had been immortal but they do not live happy life because their boyfriend passed away in front of them. And they fight each other blaming each other, since they share boyfriend and hitting one another until their body sprinkles around but they still do not die. Is this the life that we want?

Speaking of the drunk due to death, anyone has any idea on how 'Izrael, the angel of death's looks like? Usually death comes without any warning. Is the angel going to send us sms informing us, he's coming to us? After a person passes away, he will enter the barzakh which is the world between this physical world and the hereafter. It is a transitional phase. There will be two angels, Munkar and Nakir asking questions to the soul of the departed, and if questions could not be correctly answered, the departed would receive torments until the resurrection event.

So, who gave us heart to live? Who gave us oxygen? Isn't it Allah, the Lord of the universe? So, we are lower or higher than others?

I. When we are hungry, we need to eat to satisfy the hunger.
II. When we are about piss or to poop, we would've to go to the lavatory.
III. We touch poops everyday with our hands and handling tissue covered with dirts from our stomach when we clean up our mess in the lavatory.
IV. When we are sick, we need medicine.
V. We need someone to talk with, we have to go for salat service.

When we die, we're going to turn out to be defecates and rotten, smell as hell. I had analyzed Judaism teaching regarding the contact with dead bodies would bring ones into impurity. So, I guess that rotten dead bodies perhaps is equated to defecates. So, we have nothing to be proud of ourselves no matter we are Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, kings or whatever we are. When we see trash lorry, we would make that face cause the lorry stinks. But we had forgotten that our stomach contains stink and trash from what consume everyday.

During the Day where our deeds would be counted and calculated, we only have our Lord to protect and save us. It is important to be good to our own family, be good to wife and children. Be good to husband and children. Children be good to parents. Help each other. Husband don't assume wife as a machine. 

I read a fellow's blog and he talked about Afghanistani who wanted to marry another one, so he backbiting his own wife at the clinic blaming the wife for getting pregnant so many times, since the poor wife could not speak in English. I think not only that fellow think the guy is an idiot, I also think that kind of human does not suit to be classified as a human. It is different in South East Asia, where we regard women as equal to men. Women are even productive than men in trade and business. Both women and men form society so, why not be respectful to each other? Don't act arrogant among each other. Husband do not have to be transformed into a sissy to help his wife to clean up kitchen or table after dinner, lunch, or breakfast if they have time. This is not about being modern or about being advanced, this is about mentality. I see that men in Western part of the world regardless from Europe, Central Asia, South Asia or Middle East always have this kind of thought. And it influences others around the world. My family constitutes of more women than men. So basically I respect women. Without dad, mum or my sisters, I would have difficulties. I appreciate them more than friends, I don't even have close friends except the God as close Friend where I talk with Him most of the time telling Him my feelings, sharing problems and what I think : )

There is no one who gives life or brings death to everything except the God. When we pray for something, the God sometimes does not delegate all of our prayers because He is full of Wisdom. So, when we feel weak like I feel now cause I have to finish up a thesis, an assignment, and having to face two tests for a paper, just say: "there is no strength and no force except that they come from the God, the Most Highest, the Greatest!" - end notes, explanation on al-Hikam delivered on the 30th September 2011

Allahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad wa 'alaa aali Muhammad. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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