Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why We Human Being Are Arrogant?

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

There are so many ideologies in this modern world which were the past ideologies that evolved to be the new one. Nowadays, people might coin those ideologies with neo- something... Nothing new, not even atheism. Sometimes, we always think that our ideology is the pure truth and we began to force others into our ideology and understanding. That is a reason why people keep chopping off others head. We think that we are right while others are wrong and that also makes us feel that we are superior over another. Arrogance is generally defined as offensive display of superiority, feeling that we are very important in the midst of society, pompous, behave in a haughty way toward the inferiors (those that we think as inferiors) and others.

Arrogance may impact environment around us. In Arabic, we call it as takabbur. It is a characteristic which suit the God but not His creatures because creatures are not the Real King. For example, an arrogant teacher, or professor, or boss might make the life of his or her subordinates in hell. In human history, people keep rebelling from arrogant rulers and trying to overthrow them.

The lecture that we listened just now is about why human-being are arrogant? Is it because of our knowledge? Our racial background? Our position in the society? Our success? Our nation is a superpower in the unipolar today's world? I just get few essence of the lecture but little we get, little we share with friends and brethren. 

The second point that I managed to keep in my short term memory is about arrogance with the possession of knowledge that we have. Our brain is the center of our nervous system. As it is not a biology class, so it is simplified as the back of our brain is a place where our memorization and logic being kept for a long time. It is a memory card for human. That is why elders telling us not to slap the back of a little child as not to make him or her slow in learning. The ustad mentioned that for him as an example, he learned at a memorization center to memorize Quran for a period of two years and he managed to memorize all 30 paras of the Quran. Everyday two pages or four pages if a person is hardworking. However, he said that to "keep them all in memory" takes a person more or less 10 years. A person who memorizes Quran still need to repeat and repeat his or her memorization. 

Thus, a person who possess a certain knowledge or sciences should not be arrogant of him or her self. Because in a blink of an eye, the God could just grab it away from us through asbab or reasons such as we might fall down and affect our brain or being hit by an accident which causes us concussion. Even the God is capable of making us senile. A person who lives a long age will return to be a child. When we are young in teenage years, we may be arrogant and talking like we would never go through the cycle of life. But when we go through the cycle only we would experience what it is. And elderly person will cry like a child, peeing in his or her pants without realizing it, and wearing diapers. The God takes away the mind of a person when he or she reaches certain time. Natural causes are just asbab or the reasons. Thus, a person who gets straight A's in his or her examination must not quickly be proud as all of that is fake and not real. The intelligence that we have is actually His possession, it is not ours.

How about our race? Whether we are Arab, Quraisy, Bani Hashim, Jews, Levites, Palestinian, Cana'anite, Egyptian, Malay, Korean, Chinese, Brahmins, and others? What makes us so special over the others? Our culture? Our religion? Our language? Our appearance? Our nose is pointed than others? Our skin tone? Our holy lineage because our ancestors are prophets? Everyone are the descents of a prophet. Adam a.s is a prophet isn't he? He is the father of all men. 

Perhaps there are also those who comes from apes as the theory which is proposed by Charles Darwin. I do not fully reject his theory, maybe his ancestor was an evolved ape and he might be right for his ancestors, haha. He's not the only one who talks about apes as the ancestors of certain 'human.' The Hindus had already talked about this in their epic which are Mahabharata and Ramayana. As for me, I am not an ape. I am a human, I am a descent of prophet Adam a.s just like other human-being, haha. In Islamic source, human is originated from Adam a.s who was created out of water element and earth through a celestial decree. When we die, we will return to water and earth. No matter if we are cremated or buried, we will return to the earlier element alike.   

Says the God in surah Ta-Ha verse 55: "From it (the earth) We create all of you and to it will We return all of you and from it We will take you out again."

The ustad said that this verse is useful for those who are out of temper. The verse may be used to calm down other creatures as well such as fierce dogs. Take a grab of soil and recite the verse, cast it to them insyaallah. Also we may recite this when going into markets as a reminder to ourselves and everyone.  As per closing the post today, it is said in the Old Testament, Isaiah chapter 2 verse 11 that: "the eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled, the pride of the man will brought low. Only the Lord would be exalted in the Day (of Judgement)." This verse is from my Bible not from the lecture.

The lecture is delivered by ustad Muhammad Qassim Ilyas the memorizer of Quran in Masjid of Jerlun, Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.

Sealed with salawat and prayers for peace, mercy and love, amin!

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