Saturday, 3 September 2011

Serawak Easter 2010

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

These were taken in 2010 few months before I become a post-graduate student. I went for Serawak, the Land of Hornbill and coincidentally it was Easter celebration. In conjunction to this event, I went to Saint Thomas Anglican Cathedral in Kuching to listen the Easter sermon but could not be there for long as the time coincides with Maghrib prayer service. 

The next day would be their procession day for their religious figure which is Jesus Christ. Didn't join the procession but I went to museums and looking for colonial buildings around. I'm not familiar with Anglicanism but I guess they have their sacraments almost the same to Old Catholics. I know few points on Orthodoxy where I had asked some friends from Middle East seminaries to send me files about their theology, most of them are in Arabic. The sermon in the cathedral was conducted in English so I can understand what people were talking about. However, I couldn't snap pics while they were conducting rituals in the prayer hall to respect them. I just went out to Kampung Surabaya across the Kuching Waterfront for Maghrib prayer service.


 Few minutes before Easter service, climbed the stairs. It's quite hilly

Have to hastily go out for Maghrib prayer service

I can't find public prayer rooms in the town there except for Indian Mosque at the end of the town which takes quite a time to walk and my prayer time will be injured. The easiest way to find mosque is to take boats at waterfront to another side where there are several Malay villages. Kuching Waterfront area is weird... Trying to retrieve more pics in Serawak as to make sure they could be preserved in printed form before I delete everything.

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin!

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